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Today’s Language of Politics

By Harry M. Covert

m not quite certain but the use of vain and profane babblings has sure become prevalent on every venue these days. This has been brought on by the political vernacular in use on all levels. Now, no one even flinches.

Seems like the dominant figure on the national scene has made modern use of “hell”, not hades, proper and accepted. I could not get the full count since the other seekers like the h-word too. Okay, it’s for emphasis.

Nowhere are etymologists jumping up and down highlighting “expletives deleted.” As I’ve heard many times, “hellfire and damnation.”… Read More


Courtesy to an MS-13 Gang Member

 By Harry M. Covert

Nov. 10, 2015

It’s a nice feel good story. A Frederick County, Maryland, deputy sheriff used great restraint. During a broad morning light he took a slugging in the face and neck from an illegal MS-13 gang member.

There on Key Parkway in Frederick investigating a minor traffic matter, Deputy First Class Greg Morton restrained himself. After the physical assault he didn’t resort to any deadly reaction. He could have, probably should have.

In times past assaulting a deputy or other sworn officer was a major no-no. No question about it.… Read More

Orthodox Mr. Putin is no Sunday School Teacher

 U.S. ‘Black-Baggers’ Weren’t Listening to James Bond Doppelganger

Putin’s God Squad, His Army March to the Same Tune,

World Sleeping, Talking,  Russians Quietly Grab Crimea


 By Harry M. Covert 

Many people, wizened and otherwise, have long believed that Russia of the past and present is the Great Satan. It’s probably a bit too late now but the question looms did American intelligence agencies drop the ball, completely and totally of late.

The furor over the National Security Agency’s phone-tapping and listening in to world leaders didn’t mean much because the black baggers apparently didn’t sneak in on Mr. Putin’s telephonic commiserations.

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