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 (Frederick, Md.) — Interesting that the Obama Administration decided not to quarrel with the U. S. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, which struck down Obamacare Monday last. The Atlanta–based court ruled the legislation is unconstitutional in its requirement that all citizens purchase health insurance.

We knew that all along and expect The Supremes to agree. A preliminary motion has already been filed with SCOTUS by the plaintiffs. Don’t hold your breath on a quick decision.

 The “death panels” revealed among the thousands of pages in the legislation are not a new notion. This decade has seen my insurance company’s expert deny coverage including pre-op cardiovascular diagnostics.… Read More


 The Covert Letter has been in hiatus since early summer due to medical challenges beyond our control. We hope to be back to regular input soonest. In the meantime it is fitting that this day, September 11, 2011 marks our return to cyberspace. A decade ago we were shocked into sobering reality with the dastardly attack on America by Muslim Terrorists. I make no apology for the foregoing description of our enemy that day — and today.

 It is frustrating that our national leadership seems not to know the face of the enemy and has formed alliances with friends of these Muslim Terrorists.… Read More



FREDERICK, Md. — I confess it has been a long hiatus from watching minor league baseball. All it takes, though, is the grandson’s cajoling to spring for box seat tickets at our Harry Grove Stadium – and a home team tee-shirt – near the visitor’s bullpen and third base.

The decision included buying sunflower seeds, popcorn, water and draft beer: “Eat, spit, be happy.”

Grove Stadium, home of the Baltimore Orioles’ Class A affiliate Keys, is nearly 20 years old. It is among the modern ball parks in the Carolina League, which for many years struggled with World War II-era and earlier stadiums.… Read More



Boy Scouts of America (BSA) hasn’t strayed far from its founding in the United States 100 years ago. Marketing strategies and media technologies have improved, but BOYS’ LIFE still arrives in my mail box each month. I’m clinging to my youth, the “groaner” jokes on the back page and those values I hold dear.

Scouting remains a family-oriented organization. Social engineering has failed to dent the Scout Oath or modify the 12 points of the Scout Law. It is still duty to God and “my country;” helping others and keeping “myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.”

Too bad that this rankles far left liberals!… Read More



 The first time I saw Fayetta Maureen Covert Stansbury she was lifted out of my Grandfather’s 1954 Buick Roadmaster. Mother carried her up the sidewalk to our house on 33rd Street in Newport News, Va. She was swaddled in pink blankets and her soon-to-be blond hair belied her age of four-plus days. Her dark mischievous eyes captured me right off.

They closed one year ago today at Regional Hospital Center, Melbourne, FL. Can it be?

Everyone commented that she certainly could have been the inspiration for lyrics of the recording, “The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane” by the Ames Brothers.… Read More


By Juanita Gaines Ellis

Contributing Editor

 (Editor’s note:  The recent dustup between President Barack H. Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the future of Israel and a Palestinian state is brought into focus by this commentary. Unresolved issues dating to the partition of Palestine in 1947 remain as 2011 roadblocks to peace in the Middle East. Mrs. Ellis and her husband Don visited Jerusalem in 2005. The following is excerpted from her presentation before the Williamsburg, Va., Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution [D.A.R.[. She has served as a leader with the Children of the American Revolution [C.A.R.] and was National Defense Director for Region II, N.S.D.A.R.Read More


 By Norman M. Covert


There wasn’t much call for Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies at the Pilot Travel Center and T/A truck stops recently in Breezewood, Pa.

Chaplain Sam Rust and his son Chaplain Shannon Rust proclaim the Easter message every time they drive their “Headlight in Trucking” rigs onto the huge complexes and set up “shop.”

“We praise Christ’s resurrection and His promise of salvation every day,” Chaplain Shannon says. “It is the basis of our ministry.”

Sam is one of the original missionaries nationwide in this “on-the-road Gospel outreach.” He incorporated Headlight in Trucking in 1977 as a ministry in Pennsylvania, giving up an Assemblies of God pastorate to “answer God’s call.”

He was awakened to the need when he drove part time to supplement his pastor’s salary.… Read More

Reader Alert

 The Covert Letter is pleased to publish a series of Holy Week daily reports from Jerusalem covering Jesus of Nazareth and his pilgrimage in concert with the Feast of Passover. Our special correspondant will have reports for you each day on the unfolding story. The first installment begins today.

This was inspired by a five-part series written in 1959 by Harry Covert in The Times-Herald, Newport News, Virginia. Harry had the late Rev. Harry M. Covert Sr. to verify the accuracy of his work. The editor is solely responsible for the accuracy of the reports. Illustrations are from The Rev.… Read More

Libya: Makings of Another ‘Desert Debacle?’

By Norman M. Covert

Apparently the “Buck…” touted by President Barack Obama, stops in Libya, not the Oval Office. Col. Moammar Gadhafi continues to be in Mr. Obama’s face, surviving insurgents and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Reports of his impending demise seem exaggerated.

There are fears this could be another “Debacle in the Desert.” President Jimmy Carter oversaw that failed effort to rescue captured Americans in Iran in 1980. Everything went wrong for the Delta Force.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has declared that military action will probably not suffice to force Gadhafi out; that it will take lengthy negotiation.… Read More

Welcome Back

The Covert Letter has a new look today, but we hope the changes do not alter your comfort zone navigating the site. We trust you, as a long-time friend and supporter, will keep your friendship with us.

It is a challenge and privilege to assume the role of senior editor/publisher as brother Harry Covert steps back into the role of editor at large. Harry will offer occasional commentary in the style to which you’ve become accustomed under the byline H. M. Covert. You may also read occasional articles from other contributors.

When I joined The Covert Letter as a regular in January we provided background on the years of my collaboration, both personal and professional, with Harry.… Read More