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Covert Matters Digest

Covert Matters  Digest    

From Gorgeous George, Charlie Keller to Beyoncé

By Harry M. Covert

Back in the olden days as the hot blood of youth began to bubble and gurgle, I learned at an early age when something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

The old saw remains on the money and in these days young and old alike continue to be fooled. And they like it no matter how preposterous such claims and promises may be.

At our house we were the first family to have a television set. It was a 14-inch black and white Westinghouse brand.… Read More

A Lesson in the Virginia Way

Winning Campaigner Who Honored His Word

By Harry M. Covert

I have suggested on several occasions that candidates and their professional minions take oaths ”to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” And do so in public. This would certainly test the “honesty and veracity” of them all.

Naturally, I don’t include the political campaigners and current office holders of Alexandria, the city on the “Patowmack” River, a few miles from Mount Vernon where the boy George Washington said he could not tell a lie after chopping down a cherry tree. He didn’t get into the whiskey business until later in life and it’s a popular adjunct today to keeping the landmark financially stable.… Read More

The Hoax of Harvard

Fun and Games Among ‘Theologians’

By Harry M. Covert

It was exciting to read about the discovery of the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife. At last there is now a “Gospel According to Agnostics”. And, the thousands of misguided Christian believers can finally rejoice and take comfort knowing that Jesus wasn’t gay.

Therefore all attempts to disprove the Bible by academics, non-believing intellectuals and all-knowing literati can now be put to rest. Those in the Christian world need not go on a tangent to defend deeply held beliefs.

Of course society in the United States of America and other countries can stand together too, realizing that the Book of Common Prayer (1928 version), the Scofield King James Bible, the Revised Standard English Bible, the NIV, and others are true and correct when espousing  the wrong-ness and sinfulness of same sex marriage, homosexuality, lesbianism.Read More

Burning Ears, Enough is Enough

Insulting Christians Seems Okay by Broadcasters

By Harry M. Covert

The other day driving just a few miles over the limit, I was listening to one of the sports radio stations. The experts were newspaper sportswriters turned sportscasters, who were prattling on the state of football and baseball.

Trying to be provocative, the boys debated the title chances for Baltimore’s Ravens and Orioles and Washington’s Nationals and Redskins.

The raggedy talk by the would-be clever airmen caused my car to bolt to 78 mph. My eyes glanced in the rearview mirror on Maryland’s I-270, the sign to Frederick read 10 miles and then nervously and thankfully I didn’t see any flashing blue lights.… Read More

MEMORIAL DAY: Parade Locomotives et Voitures 40/8


Members of La Societe des Quarante Hommes et Huit Chevaux will be out in force nationwide this Memorial Day weekend helping support commemorative programs honoring our fallen warriers. They have been decorating graves with flags in addition to taking part in parades and other programs to honor our comrades who have fallen in battle. They will be active through Wednesday May 30, traditional Memorial Day.

Translated, the Society of 40 Men and Eight Horses, it is named for the French Box Cars (Voitures), which took American Doughboys to the front during World War I and continue to be known on the French railroad system as Voitures 40/8, meaning they will accommodate either 40 men or eight horses. … Read More

Drones, Spitters & Flogging Rooms

By Harry M. Covert

We can’t let National Police Week pass without honoring the participants.

This commemoration and celebration drew thousands of policemen/women, sheriff’s deputies, Border Patrol, Secret Service, Marshals and all types of the law enforcement officers and their families to greater Washington.

Honors were for all those who gave their lives in the performance of their sworn duties to protect the public.

I’ve always thought there ought to be code sections in state criminal law that would just be filed as dumb or stupid. These are the types of violations that cause law enforcement the most trouble.

It’s a good thing, too, that use of drones (remote controlled planes and cameras) are being considered for law enforcement.… Read More



BUFFALO, N.Y. —The death of Trayvon Martin has sparked much emotion in this country.  For those who are not following the story, the 17-year-old Trayvon was shot and killed by a “captain” of the neighborhood watch, 28-year-old George Zimmerman.  Between the media outcry and the typical social activists, the cry for vengeance is deafening.  Many news anchors and reporters have tried and sentenced Mr. Zimmerman for murder. 

The case was slow to hit the national spotlight.  A self defense shooting in one of the 21 states with a “Stand Your Ground” law is not a priority during an election year weighted down by its own hot topics. … Read More


By Tom McLaughlin

KUCHING, Malaysia–I am against abortion. I believe it is the most despicable event that could happen to a life that has been given and to the mother. I believe it is a sin against God and nature.

My witness is that at 60 I have a son. I have proven my belief and stand firmly behind it; absolutely no regrets and with a great outpouring of love towards Dzul and his mother, my beloved bride Suriani.

We did see a doctor with the greatest fear that the pregnancy would kill my wife, because she was not supposed to be able to have children; plus she was 43.… Read More



(FREDERICK, Md.)–While President Barack Obama and Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai maintain their Chess gambit of words, it is clear that no “move” matches up to the Teddy Roosevelt watchword of walking softly and carrying a big stick.

Obama talks softly and Karzai wields the big stick, all in the name of ridding that Stone Age world of radical Muslim factions.

While the leaders prattle, casualties mount. So far, Maryland has lost 40 of its own to the killing field of Afghanistan.  The latest is a former school teacher from Baltimore County, Maryland National Guardsman Maj. Robert J. … Read More