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Mr. Biden’s Day in the Rose Garden

By Harry M. Covert

It was rather interesting. The upbeat 47th vice president was in the Rose Garden one day last week. He truly looked relieved. He was declining the opportunity to run for President.

Vice President Joe Biden
Available for No 48?

           It was at this moment he probably became a statesman, a man without portfolio in some 17 months to

Hillary Rodham Clinton
The Coming 45th?


            The Honorable Joe Biden spouted the niceties for not jumping into his political party’s presidential race.

       Admittedly, Mr. Biden is one of the more popular No.… Read More


Labor Day, Nickel Soda, 18¢ Bread

By Harry M. Covert

Labor Day is Monday and today is a perfect time to revisit first days of the first job. The experience sticks with most people no matter the passage of time. Me too.

Let’s relax for a while from all the partisan and silly debates around the nation. We need a rest from all the gabble flowing non-stop.

I like to recall the wonderful neighborhood grocery stores. Every city and town had them. They stick out because customers phoned in orders, they were charged on the family tabs, bills were cleared up usually on Friday paydays and orders were delivered by bicycle, if within a few blocks and by panel truck otherwise.… Read More


By Harry M. Covert

The thing that is so disturbing by news “presenters” is they get to jawing before knowing any facts. Naturally, it depends too on an agenda.

There is no question tenseness involving race abounds throughout the land, and I suspect far more specious than in Frederick, the county in Maryland. The news dogs both male and female get excited when their police radios blare to some event.

I stayed home on St. Patrick’s Day. I could say I was afraid no one would ask for my up-to-date driver’s license or some other form of identification. But, friends, I won’t.Read More


Evil Keeps Keeping On

By Harry M. Covert

There are many who easily accept the current state of world affairs. The attitude of far too many is that troubles in the Middle East are no longer American concerns.

For example, gas prices have fallen and the United States can provide its own oil. So let the growing cancer of Islamic terrorism continue to grow. The latest of course is this week’s complete take over in Yemen. They actually disarmed American marines escorting state department workers to a fast getaway on navy ships.

The astonishment still grates me that Frederick, the state of Maryland and the rest of the USA in their hearts want to be kind and nice and risk democracy as is known hereabouts.Read More


Take a Few Moments to Recollect

By Harry M. Covert

Verbal bashings continue out of control towards a former president, vice president and the intelligence agency, the “covert ones” if you please.

Despite a plea from the secretary of state not to do so and agreeing to redactions from an ally, the Democratic senator released a report on interrogation methods. It was properly described as—pardon me—crap. Other adjectives have been used. I like them.

Let’s get real. I recall an attack on the Twin Towers in New York in what is remembered as 9/11. Seems like there was a previous terrorism bombing designed by a blind-cleric who is now in prison.… Read More

Enola Gay, Inshallah

Eyes for the Sleepers?

By Harry M. Covert

The sample ballot has arrived. I’ve checked it twice and thrice. Don’t need any campaign material to help me decide, or more instructions as to how to make my voice heard. I might vote early to avoid the rush in two weeks.

Smack in the middle of my deliberations, the news bulletin broke my concentration. Terrorists struck north of the border. Another example of why North Americans must pay attention. Free societies are under attack.

Yes, as any historian worth his or her keyboard knows, World War III is well under way. I’m repeating myself, gentle reader, but facts are facts; and there is fear to fear.Read More

Miss Martin and Lou Gehrig

Doppleganger, The Iliad. The Iron Man

Eeling in East Harlem

By Harry M. Covert

N E W P O R T  N E W S, V a.

Usually on Thursdays in the spring, Miss Martin read Homer’s Iliad to her sixth graders at John W. Daniel School. The windows were raised and we little tykes hoped a breeze would flow through the room. We didn’t have air conditioning in 1950.

Miss Martin favored white tee-shirts all the time and looked exactly like Benjamin Franklin. No kidding. When I look at a $100 bill today, I see her staring right at me.… Read More

Revisiting the Old, Old Story; Soccer, Football and Voting

America’s Trillions Make No Difference

The Tragedy in Mesopotamia Continues

By Harry M. Covert

The tragedy in Iraq involving Iran and probably Syria should be of great concern to Christians of all persuasions.

In the simplest of terms the horrific killings, invasions of previous territories and unseeing allies the warfare is going to continue, no matter what international help arrives from the United States, England and others.

Expenses in the trillions of dollars from America’s government make no difference to the religious factions such as the Sunnis and Shiites. No question that eliminating Saddam Hussein was a good thing but, dear friends, nothing has changed except more fighting.

Read More

The Ralph E. Haines Jr. Story

Proud to be a General, Proud to be a Private

Booming Amens, Everybody Follow

Gen. Ralph E. Haines Jr.
ex-Army Vice Chief of Staff,
ex-Army Commander in Pacific
ex-Commander, Fort Monroe


By Harry M. Covert

Ralph Haines enjoyed weekly and monthly breakfasts and lunches. Attendance, even though not required, usually was filled to capacity.  

He could have been mistaken for a traveling Baptist evangelist.       

He was a serious practicing charismatic Christian, an Episcopalian, to be exact. When he boomed “Amens” the choruses followed by large audience responses. If he raised his arms during remarks similar displays would follow.  

Who was Ralph E.… Read More

Reading the Judge’s Mail

Courtroom Fun but No Games 
Wit and Wisdom from old notebooks, Paper Scraps

By Harry M. Covert

When the weather gets bad its a good thing to find an old box full of scribbles on napkins, paper scraps and old note pads.

Recent days have proved invaluable. Some interesting stuff fell out. Over time a lot of notes have been taken in courthouses, jails, political meetings and other venues where intellect sometimes is off the bubble.

How about this one. Alexandria’s Chief General District Court Judge Becky J. Moore, presiding one morning, sentenced a defendant to a jail term in the city’s William G.

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