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CHAPLAIN MYRON: Unlocking his Ministry

By Harry Covert

Myron Contee was a pretty good basketball player. Back in the decade of the 70s, he was better than most and without doubt headed to a professional career.

Born and raised in Alexandria, Va., he honed his skills at T. C. Williams High School, where he graduated in 1974. His prowess wasn’t lost on collegiate scouts and coaches and he wound up at George Mason University (GMU) in Fairfax.

Myron could shoot well and play defense. His defensive play was dominant and when the Patriots were on the court, opponents were diligent knowing he could block and rebound with the best in the nation.… Read More

JULY FOURTH: What a Day!

By Norman M. Covert

FREDERICK, Md.—Today is Independence Day, a time for glorious celebration and bombs bursting in air! We mark 236 years of freedom which requires us to protect and defend the remarkable Declaration of Independence that rebuked British tyranny.

The past year’s so-called “Arab Spring,” which virtually trades one despot for another, bears little resemblance to the resolve of our founding fathers at Philadelphia assembled.

July Fourth also marks the deaths of three former presidents and founding fathers: John Adams, second president, and Thomas Jefferson, third president and author of the Declaration of Independence, both died in 1826. James Monroe, fifth president, succumbed in 1831.… Read More



I was invited to an ice cream social last week. You may be confused that ice cream and toppings can be the key refreshment for a teen party. No sodas, no booze, no cigarettes, no drugs, no “I hate America” rowdiness. I was surrounded by Boy Scouts and their families. What a night it was!


Our “glitzy media” reported last week that teenagers are using heroin in great numbers and they are questioning the existence of God. Not where I was sitting. The teens and “tweens” scooped ice cream with me and our khaki Scout uniforms were “stylish.”Read More



Recently, it was brought to my attention that Elizabeth Lloyd of Manchester, N.J., is suing a 13 year old little league catcher.  If you have not been following the story, Mrs. Lloyd was sitting near the bullpen and saw Matthew Migliaccio miss his pitcher on the return throw. It struck her in the face; two years ago; when he was eleven. 

So at what point did the suit become okay?  The American judicial system gives us the right to sue anyone for any reason, and to let a judge and jury sort it out.  How much money will Mr.… Read More



My apologies to The Covert Letter subscribers, but we are taking editorial license today to remember that Fayetta Covert Stansbury (Nov. 23, 1954-June 3, 2010) died of a cancerous brain tumor two years ago today. It was a sad day. I was unable to be in attendance with the family at her home or in services in Florida.

Last weekend we featured poignant commentaries, poems and tributes of fallen warriors, marking National Memorial Day. This is no less important to offer. There are no more words I could write to remember my late baby sister than those published here one year ago.… Read More



 (Westminster, Md.)—One news media account after another dutifully reported Monday that President Barack Obama announced at Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery–and at the Vietnam Wall, that Monday begins the start of the 50-year anniversary of the Vietnam War.

Whatever that means! I mean, I was not able to find a single news report that clearly established how or why it was determined by President Obama that 1962 was the beginning of the United States involvement in the conflict in Southeast-Asia.

Of course, if President George W. Bush, or Republican presidential hopeful, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, had made such a major pronouncement, the major media would have been all over it.… Read More



(Frederick, Md.)–You’ve heard the U. S. Marine Corps mantra that it will leave no comrade behind. It isn’t, however, exclusive to the Corps this traditional Memorial Day. The Army, Navy, Air Force and, yes, the U. S. Coast Guard, continue striving to account for those missing in action. We also want our children home.

 That common creed was underscored here in April 2008, when it was announced remains of Air Force Sr. M. Sgt. James Kenneth Caniford had been identified. His remains are among some 957 recovered from Southeast Asia and identified since 1973.

 The Middletown (Md.) … Read More

MEMORIAL DAY UPDATE: Allen Eberly Groshong

(Editor’s Note: The following is the official Silver Star Medal (Posthumous) award citation. It is a necessary addendum to the tribute of HM3 Groshong written by his sister, Sarah Groshong.)

The President of the United States takes pride in presenting the Silver Star Medal (Posthumously) to Allen E. Groshong (B-204557), Hospital Corpsman Third Class [then Hospitalman], U.S. Navy, for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action while serving as a Corpsman attached to Company E, Second Battalion, First Marines, FIRST Marine Division, in connection with operations against enemy aggressor forces in the Republic of Vietnam, on 8 April 1968.… Read More

MEMORIAL DAY: Heroes and Death Marches

By Harry M. Covert

I stand in awe of the brave military men and women who have served our nation. The closest I ever got to military service was as a Civil Air Patrol cadet back in the peaceful days of the 1950s. My friend Joe Madagan and I would hitchhike to meetings at Fort Monroe, Va. 

For me, commemorating Memorial Day brings to mind an uncle who survived the infamous Bataan Death March. This scurrilous, savage and brutal event was a 70-mile forced march inflicted by the Japanese on captured American G.I.s and Filipino soldiers. It began April 12, 1942.… Read More

MEMORIAL DAY: Allen Eberly Groshong

 By Sarah Groshong

 My brother Allen was perhaps the funniest person I have ever known.  He had a smile that lit up a room like sunshine and a laugh that was so infectious that people laughed just because he was laughing and even when his jokes were corny beyond belief.

             (Q. What’s soft and yellow and dangerous?  A. Shark-infested custard.)  

He kept our family laughing so much at the dinner table some nights that the food on our plates got cold and congealed while we laughed at his enjoyment of his own silliness.  He took much in life with a large dose of humor, but when it came to his principles, he did not compromise. … Read More