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Scribbler on Furlough

This column appeared September 12, 2019 in The Tentacle after medical tests suggested serious matters to me.

By Harry M. Covert

Well now, an unexpected sabbatical was forced. The tap, tap tapping on the keyboard was silenced, not censored by the esteemed editor, but to the shock and travail of this scribbler.

Seldom have deadlines been missed over the years of harnessing word plays. Lots of us old newspaper gals and guys believe “Writing is an act of love. If it is not it is only handwriting.” That was penned by French poet and novelist Jean Cocteau, who started writing at 10 and published at 16.… Read More

The House of Reprobates

Un-American Activities at Large

By Harry M. Covert

There remains no reason to keep beating around the bush. The American population has been demeaned and bullied almost beyond measure by politicians hell bent on destroying every fabric of the good that has set apart the country from the rest of the world.

Watching the losers – primarily wearing the label of Democrats – is sickening. The latter enjoys descriptions of progressives, liberals, socialists and, yes, communists. They think their unlawful activities in the streets are cute. They are un-American activities. Scary?

Persons sitting in the House of Representatives can be named Reprobates, to be cynical.… Read More

Stealing First Base?

Real Sports Champions

By Harry M. Covert

The idea that a baseball batter can steal first base is repulsive to fandom across the land. It’s similar to the political crackpots roaring to and fro, up and down, and deadly aimed to change everything good.

It is a must time to stand up and reject those determined to ruin the national pastime. The word is they are atavists, meaning they hate tradition.

There is nothing out of kilter about the traditional baseball rules used in all levels. Trying new things? Sure that’s acceptable. But, please, no wrecking the game that’s endured.… Read More

Lesser people in politics

The Squad of Misfits

By Harry M. Covert

It is rather popular to call political opponents racists and other inflaming words in these midsummer days. There are some locutions that perfectly describe the four demagogues making the rounds – hating America in public and seemingly getting away with it.

There is no way to put aside the distasteful actions of The Squad in the House of Representatives. Real and true serving Democrats have allowed them to insult the House and once esteemed members.

It’s rather shocking the “bad girls” have even taken on the Speaker, who rebuked them for spreading untoward comments.… Read More

Door knockers on the job

Crimes? Aiding, Abetting, Obstruction 

By Harry M. Covert

For the next few lines, put aside any political zealotry if possible. That means selfish partisanship to be so blunt in order to look at the law. Naturally that may be somewhat impossible in these days.

Realistically in these days,  misanthropy is apparently the most popular attitude among current jaundiced politicos, the ins and outs.
Surprisingly, numerous national figures especially the Speaker of the House, HRC the big loser from 2016 voter-speak and other “sanctuari-ests” ought to be hauled into federal courts for aiding, abetting and obstruction of the criminal code. With color pictures.… Read More

The crème de la crème

The Grand Old Privilege

By Harry M. Covert

Being among that privileged and elite group acclaimed around the planet, there is some fantastic news about to explode. Before the secret is unleashed for the “congress assembled,” the crème de la crème is being American. The current count legal is 327.2million.

Despite what a bunch of bellyachers, snivelers and curmudgeons like to promote, the aforementioned privilege is something sacred and includes all throughout the land. Moaners are the losers.

The big rumor appears to be slipping out? Brace up everyone. Sources are sworn to secrecy, not wanting to rain on the Manhattan parade for the soccer girls.… Read More

Cross on Public Land

The Public Monument Still Stands

By Harry M. Covert

Finally the so-called humanists and others of their faithlessness have been slapped down in coordinated attempts to rid national life of any recognition of religious Christian allegiance. 

For a hundred years, a monument stood in Bladensburg, Maryland, honoring 49 Marylanders who paid the supreme sacrifice in World War I. It is a gigantic granite cross. Of course the monument signifies acknowledgment of Christian beliefs. And, the no-nothings wanted the memorial removed.

The overwhelming recent approval of the U.S. Supreme Court by a 7-2 vote allowed the cross to remain on public land.… Read More

K-9s, Milksops & Arsonists

July 9, 2019


By Harry M. Covert

There are some “purty good” antidotes to handling the current waves of inhospitality toward police officers and those who like to set ablaze “Old Glory.” Saving the best, though, for those mask-wearing cowards who like to be called Antifa members.

A number of instances have occurred where officers of the law have been insulted and asked to leave a chain coffee shop. Why? Some fool said they felt unsafe because of the pistol/packers.

Unfortunately the complainant was not arrested for public stupidity or sent to a state home for the growing number of total jerks popular today.… Read More


Please, No Repeat of 1938

By Harry M. Covert

How else to start the day than by working the crossword puzzle in the daily newspaper? Instead of a Number Two pencil, the instrument was a faithful Parker fountain pen filled with Quink, black ink.

Who in the world nowadays dabbles with such a stylograph? Not many. In this matter, not intending to show off, the effort was to complete the puzzle in ink. Plus, no cheating by using Google.

About half of the puzzle was completed. Here, it was impossible to resist checking out the latest world news.

So what blared, a Katyusha rocket landed in the Green Zone of Baghdad Sunday night.… Read More

Buckling under in Baltimore

By Harry M. Covert

Now the question was, “We have had three African American female mayors in a row. They were all passionate public servants. Two resigned, though. Isn’t it a signal that a different kind of leadership is needed to move Baltimore City forward?”

Okay friends, reporters and news audience. The above interview was heard live on a Baltimore commercial television news show by a seasoned anchor person.

Want the answer? After 25 years as a respected broadcast journalist, Mary Bubala, was forced to apologize profusely and then was fired, axed, for such a simple and easy query.

There could have been no more proper question for the interview.… Read More