The House of Reprobates

Un-American Activities at Large

By Harry M. Covert

There remains no reason to keep beating around the bush. The American population has been demeaned and bullied almost beyond measure by politicians hell bent on destroying every fabric of the good that has set apart the country from the rest of the world.

Watching the losers – primarily wearing the label of Democrats – is sickening. The latter enjoys descriptions of progressives, liberals, socialists and, yes, communists. They think their unlawful activities in the streets are cute. They are un-American activities. Scary?

Persons sitting in the House of Representatives can be named Reprobates, to be cynical. The majority now showcasing are the worst to ever supposedly speak for every American.

They constantly purport to care for the needs of constituents. That’s far from the truth. They should be described as barbarians at the gate, which they are.

Proceedings of recent days are nothing short of shameful. The conduct of renegades of all that’s good must be called out.

Why has the nation’s electorate fallen for such conduct allowing lawbreaking without penalties?

Why are indiscriminate attackers permitted to run wild as hordes of “no goods” in all variants?

The arguments come that free speech protects under the Constitution. So, liberal mayors and governors and others prevent law enforcement from doing its job.

Maybe it is time for the federal government to step in and make streets safe again. Actually, it is time, thus unimaginable that hooligans can get away with assaulting police. The example comes from New York City this week. Police officers soaked with water or cursed out on a subway. No arrests permitted.

Observers of the public scene – editorialists, commentators and politicians – have dropped the ball. Their honesty and veracity must now be questioned. Many have proven their acceptance of illegal activities. The rampant excuse of racism is always bellowed from leaders, or anti-this-and that. They do it with straight faces.

It is proper to dislike a president. It is improper to stir up illogical and false reasons to overthrow a sitting, duly elected president. They call it impeachment. Such talk by losers is without merit.

The country is at a crossroad. Do good people keep putting up with efforts to smear the current leader and thus the millions who voted for him?

Impeachment and removal of those in control of the “House of Reprobates” should be the topic of today.

Admittedly, it is disgusting that the “destroyers” are making “nasty” and wearing out their standing with the majority of the county.

There are no happy faces among the 2016 losers. They will learn a big lesson in 2020. The current list of angry Democrat presidential hopefuls doesn’t represent the nation. They are probably the weakest and most incompetent bunch since the Georgia peanut farmer bamboozled voters.

Those who carry the label Democrats have lost their way for all that’s healthy and honorable in the modern day. The two-party system is in disarray. Can it be saved and resurrected for the betterment of the nation?

The calamity since the 45th president took office is far from over. That’s the tragedy, a misfortune. It brings tears to the eyes.

This essay has appeared in The Tentacle.