The crème de la crème

The Grand Old Privilege

By Harry M. Covert

Being among that privileged and elite group acclaimed around the planet, there is some fantastic news about to explode. Before the secret is unleashed for the “congress assembled,” the crème de la crème is being American. The current count legal is 327.2million.

Despite what a bunch of bellyachers, snivelers and curmudgeons like to promote, the aforementioned privilege is something sacred and includes all throughout the land. Moaners are the losers.

The big rumor appears to be slipping out? Brace up everyone. Sources are sworn to secrecy, not wanting to rain on the Manhattan parade for the soccer girls. Nor upsetting race-baiting Democrats purporting to destroy privilege. Nor, bringing up the youthful Philadelphia crime privilege into a drug store.

Now with anxiety wearing away, the tittle-tattle will come from Twitter, for 61 million internetters. Nerve pills may help.

Okay, the word is this, Donald John Trump, occupier at 1600, will announce he will be seeking the Democrat nomination for his second term. Oh, sure he’s a shoe-in for the Grand Old Party’s selection. Quite possibly, to save America from the haters, he’ll also declare as the Independent Partee (sic) candidate.

Hang on. How can he do such a thing? He’s found a loophole and will issue an executive order for the triumvirate in which the SCOTUS (Supreme Court) can’t stop.

Imagine the panic among the seekers plus the libs, history rewriters, blackshirts and “damnyankees” just dying for untruth, unjustice, the unAmerican way.

It was not the fired British ambassador, Sir Dumbo, who leaked the impending blockbuster news. Neither was it the purple-haired privileged athlete. How did she grow that color? Privileged? Press on. Just who then?

In all likelihood, cable “advertorialists” will jump on this hot news as they have on other such imaginations since 2016. The blabbers don’t care about truth. That’s not even debatable these days.

It’s more fun and educational to watch the doctors on a teevee veterinarian program. The laughs with Michigan’s Dr. Jan Pol, DVM, are seriously entertaining as he and his colleagues go about saving animals of all species, big and small.

There may be some correlation between Dr. Pol and The President.

The vet is a master. He knows how to calm the herds, little piggies, llamas and alpacas and others quickly when he castrates the males. Biologically, the words are neutering and gelding.

Not forgetting, Number 45, called it draining the swamp – the Congress. And the weeping and wailing being heard as resistance can note the emasculation is well underway. Let’s be a bit pleasant. The billionaire is on the road to saving America. Not one of his so-called opponents has a chance.

It would be great fun if DJT pulls off being the R, the D and the I?

Unmasked, the leaker of this real breaking news, was found in the national archives in handwritten papers of No. 3, $2 bill’s Thomas Jefferson, who’s being kicked out of C-ville (Charlottesville). He was rather prescient.

Privilege is terrific, American that is. Maybe some smiles can overtake the haters. Calling Dr. Pol and C-in-C.

This essay has appeared in The Tentacle.