K-9s, Milksops & Arsonists

July 9, 2019


By Harry M. Covert

There are some “purty good” antidotes to handling the current waves of inhospitality toward police officers and those who like to set ablaze “Old Glory.” Saving the best, though, for those mask-wearing cowards who like to be called Antifa members.

A number of instances have occurred where officers of the law have been insulted and asked to leave a chain coffee shop. Why? Some fool said they felt unsafe because of the pistol/packers.

Unfortunately the complainant was not arrested for public stupidity or sent to a state home for the growing number of total jerks popular today.

Of late a flag burner was caught setting fire in rural Virginia shopping area on the Fourth. The boob was videotaped and the sheriff locked him up. Now this wasn’t for burning the flag but for endangering a public area. Good “sheriffing.”

The culprit in that incident is rather fortunate. In times past in that part of the Old Dominion, local medicos would be either fixing his teeth, uppers and lowers, or wiring his jaws. The good old boys would have also whipped his posterior, his butt, in fine fashion, saving time for a court appearance. In these days, too many good citizens too often put up with such discourtesy against the public dignity.

Another similar activity occurred during the presidential celebration as President Lincoln looked on. A group of ruffians, described in other media as communists, made a spectacle of themselves in front of the White House.

They set fire to a 50-star flag, not the classic Betsy Ross 13-Star masterpiece. Secret Service was on the job, took the arsonists in custody, not for the sacred exercise of free speech. Instead they were nabbed for something along the lines of endangering the public. Too easy, though.

Gosh almighty. Truly, good Americans have been sweet and nice. They have tolerated the absolute misconduct, and criminal activity of such stuff long enough.

Now, on to the left coast. A young journalist was on the job on public streets. A bunch of thugs, not to be confused with sensible political protesters, beat up the newsman. He was dangerously injured.

Because of irresponsible political leaders in Portland, Oregon, the city’s police were prevented from stopping the attack. The young journalist was hit with pipes, assaulted with alleged milk shakes laced with instant cement. Aren’t mobs brave?

This case in point should now have the attention of the national government. Hopefully, the feds will charge the mayor with malfeasance, removed from office and jailed.

Portland police officers are ashamed and dismayed at how they were prevented from preserving the peace. They should be. They followed orders? The voters are to blame, for sure.

The day will come and soon when security at all rabble-rousing events will require K-9 services of German shepherds and pit bulls trained as police dogs. That would be a wonderful scene as they grab a few of the Antifa types and drag ‘em out with some teeth marks.

Need we note these “blackshirts” are all masked-wearing namby-pamby milksops? They may act tough, only in numbers, but soon authorities and, why not some vigilantes, jump in. They would cry uncle.

There is no reason for the common good to be interrupted by law breakers who seem to enjoy their notoriety.

Stories abound at the effectiveness of police dogs. One particular comes to mind from another Old Dominion jurisdiction. A felon had been breaking into downtown parked cars during heavy tourist visits. Once the K-9 officer, the animal that is, began sniffing around damaged cars, he quickly found the moron, oops, “alleged perpetrator,” hiding underneath another vehicle. Then beautiful Bullet, not his real name, dragged him out until his human partner handcuffed the robber, politely. In all honesty, a beautiful sight.

Perhaps another similar security measure should be provided for college speakers harassed by left wing students. The guest speaker should bring along a licensed protector, let him sit beside the podium. If necessary, the best word of the event could be “sic ‘em.”


This essay has appeared in The Tentacle.