Those “who must be obeyed”

Ms. Nancy and Her Nonsense

By Harry M. Covert

The comedy hour, subtly speaking of course, continues. Chatter from within The House can now be described as lugubrious and Machiavellian. (Perfectly good sesquipedalian — long words). Details follow with some enlightenment.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is giving 79-year-olds a bad name. Yes, she may be first among equals, literally or figuratively among her larder, but she doesn’t know squat about who can arrest whom in legal structure.

For example, in the quest to now demean Attorney General William Barr, she got a laugh this week suggesting, quite subtly again, possibilities of Congress arresting current administration officers who don’t obey them.

Oh, this talk resulted over a subpoena to Mr. Barr to prolong the Mueller Mess.

Ms. Nancy may be trying in her cunning manner to suggest that a cabinet officer, even the top justice department officer, could be dragged to a “jail” in the House basement by the sergeant at arms. Pay attention Mr. Comey.

Those in all levels of the law business realize a Congress person can’t arrest anybody, maybe by thought or word but not by deed. No doubt, the new minor leaguers in the House who, some may refer to as “darlings of dumb,” follow Ms. Pelosi in her laughable suggestion.

It is prickly to hear such bleatings from a quote-unquote political leader. This is not a diatribe against the female species in the political arena. The current crop does give food for thought to those “who must be obeyed.” The latter is wit from Horace Rumpole.

How delightful it would be to eyeball Ms. Nancy and her underlings Mr. Jerrold Nadler, Mr. Elijah Cummings, Mr. Chuck Schumer, and the other would-be “over throwers,” to use the capital police attempting to handcuff their targets.

These entire maneuvers have gone on long enough. Any “serious discussions” of the current administration have reached conclusion of the ridiculous, no longer watchable and foolish.

Ms. Nancy suggested that Mr. T would resist leaving the White House residence if he, somehow and unimaginably, fell short in Electoral College “diplomas.”

How dishonest of her. Cheap political talk for sure. It is not easy to pick on the Speaker. Why? Some poor soul may misinterpret the meaning here, “subtly saying.” 

Does she not understand how many jails are controlled by the Justice Department as compared to the measly lockup in the House?

Here is a good story line, or video spectacle, to consider: the day when huge numbers of sworn federal law enforcement persons swoop down and surround the House and its protective persons.

The bigger laughs would follow when Mr. T, dressed in his “American Caesar” uniform, a la MacArthur, chase Ms. Nancy and her minions up and out onto Constitution Avenue. Now that would be viewing at its best.

This column has appeared in The Tentacle.