Quiet Time is Good

Return to Sunday Blue Laws?

By Harry M. Covert

There was a time in days of yore when Sundays were observed as days of rest by most states. Lots of us old fogeys can recall them with various degrees of happiness.

My version of the Blue Laws led to some delightful quiet time on Sunday past. For the first time in years, personal video abilities were silenced for the entire day. What a joy.

Didn’t listen to a single teevee prevaricator(s) spinning uncontrolled repetitious stuff. I didn’t miss a thing. Assuredly to all, my loyalty to the public prints remained intact. Still does.

Newspapers remain the public record. Thank the Almighty that the Founding Fathers were able to do their work minus the modern day media interference.

Imagine the assault on Benjamin Franklin, his historic work and Romeo abilities. I’m being courteous to the kite flyer and $100 bills l-man. It is noted Poor Richard was a spy, too. Yes, he spied on behalf of the colonials against the English. Some of his companions are also in the eyes of “Blues” today.

The Sabbath’s nasty rains did create havoc with some popular baseball games. The elements somehow did effect Saturday’s horse racing fiasco at the Kentucky Derby.

I only mention the sacrilege at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, because I was once commissioned a Kentucky Colonel in the late 1970s by then Gov. John Y. Brown.

It was honorary, but I once used it to enhance a Sudan humanitarian relief project. Our medical delivery was safe and sound. But later, I was accosted by a real colonel who warned, politely of possible thoughts in Khartoum that I was a CIA man. He didn’t think I was funny denying “covert” activities.

In light of all the constant bombardment of our political turmoil, maybe it is time for a resurrection of the Sunday Blue Laws. Maybe curbing some Sunday “disturbances.”

No, no, no. I’m not subtly calling for curbs on free speech, or pulling the plug on the most unpleasant babblers, including the Blue state politicians. A day of rest is good.

A little lesson for the millennials. The Sunday Blue Laws were designed “to restrict or ban some or all Sunday activities for religious reasons, particularly to promote the observance of a day of worship or rest.” I quote from the Encyclopedia Britannica.

It can be noted the Blue Laws started in Connecticut in 1781 as an Anglican priest’s hoax, who was anti the American Revolution and chased back to the British Isles.

I’m not comparing that Puritan hoax with the current Blue State, Democrats, although it may be possible.

The modern technology has many wonderful advances. None, though, more expedient that the mute button.