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‘When the moon comes over the mountain’

Kate Smith and Real Breaking News


At the ripe old youthful age of 10, I hurriedly walked eight blocks from Walter Reed Elementary School to my home on 33rd Street in Newport News, Virginia. My fourth grade classmates were so sweet and polite our beautiful teacher Mrs. Burton was always smiling in excusing us moments before the bell rang. We always walked rain, snow, in sunshine.

I was in a hurry to get home. My mother had bought a 14-inch Westinghouse television set, black and white, first in our neighborhood. At 4 o’clock, I was determined to be ready for that wonderful theme song, “When the moon comes over the mountain,” blared on the snowy screen.… Read More

Is the Inquisition Over?

Reaching the ‘Barr’ of Justice


Looking for some grins and giggles on this day as the swampers and swampettes breathlessly await the “Mueller Musings,” I picked up a fountain pen to scribble. I knew the ambrosia, the food of the gods, might not appear. I can hope.

“Oh ye of little faith,” the words appeared. To be honest, and why would this space be otherwise, I turned to the happy days of Tony Soprano for solace on how he deals with rats.

Seriously, folks, in unleashed anticipation of today’s redactions, predictable distortions, spins and general dismay throughout the nasty airwaves, remember it is Holy Week.… Read More

Moonbats will have their Day

Feather Metchants, The Fantods, Libtards

By Harry M. Covert

There is some good news escaping from the mess of feather merchants holding forth within the Halls of Congress. Let me explain, trying to avoid any name-calling.

My mama constantly warned me to shun “vain and profane babbling.” Obviously, I didn’t listen too well.

I better confess. In this writing and opinion game, it’s more fun calling those on the “wrong side” of truth, justice and the American way, moon bats.

Individually they can be described goofy, insurrectionists or mutineers. I’ll do that later. What genteelly of times past was called the loyal opposition, it’s nothing of the sort these days.… Read More