“President Donald J. Trump’s biggest sin was upsetting the applecart, stiffing all the traditional insiders of both the dirty dog Democrats and the sniveling would-be Republicans and Rinos [Republicans in Name Only.]”



As the sandbagging picks up steam around Pennsylvania Avenue, and on the people’s airways, the real national crisis involves the caliber of newly electeds who appear hell-bent on destroying the country as we know it.

The bottom line facing the sitting president is the enormous hatred and repugnance toward the non-paid White House occupant who was duly elected.

It is totally shocking about the vicious conduct that goes on about the real estate magnate.

The answer is plain and simple. President Donald J. Trump’s biggest sin was upsetting the applecart, stiffing all the traditional insiders of both the dirty dog Democrats and the sniveling would-be Republicans and Rinos, Republicans in Name Only.

From the moment the billionaire gave his opponents their walking papers, the obvious hatred was unleashed from every corner.

Those good old girls and boys, who claimed their “ownership” of every phase of governance, were startled, shrouded in the fear they had been found out by voters. And, they were indeed.

The avalanche of so-called worthy contenders were astonished with their complete rejection. The principles figured they were The Chosen. All the political professionals in every quarter saw their advice and consent not worth anything.

Along with the liberal gas-baggers of the media, the assault on Mr. Trump has not stopped. And, will not. He could find a cure for cancer and the self-styled wizards, who claim they know what’s good for the United States, would claim he lied or stretched the truth for himself, not for the benefit of mankind.

As long as he gave plenty of money to political candidates, and endorsed their babble, he was gold.

Americans know the ongoing dangers of allowing illegals to invade the country. The holier-than-thou politicians know exactly the fear running rampant in places where incompetents declare sanctuary cities and states.

How many of the new liberals, and sharia law supporters, know what they talk about? Have they ever seen MS13 gangsters knife and chop off arms and legs and ears of teenage girls? Or see senior citizens raped and robbed? No.

The list of atrocities by infidels of all persuasions is mind boggling. Real life is not walking around with rose-colored glasses.

All this constant hate and disrespect for Mr. Trump, the Oval Office, and his agenda has gone on long enough. It is shameful. The president is acting for the health of the people who make up the USA. He is using the government shutdown to show his determination. If he has to declare a national emergency, so be it. The unsafe southern borders are an ongoing crisis, and it is national.

The constant charges against Mr. Trump and his administration are bogus and further evidence he is a victim of winning the 2016 presidential election.

Time has come to fact-check the biased fact-checkers.

The bombast in Trump’s verbal conversation and social media correspondence is rather refreshing. There is no doubt as to his agenda. His opponents, in reality, have bitten off more than they can chew by their hatred. He is not a quitter.

Someone once said, all real Americans love to fight. Donald Trump fights in public and does not hide behind his wimpy predecessors and the opponents he whipped big time. The losers were and are proven unworthy.

Build the wall whether fence or high rise cement, Mr. Trump. Do not provide another American cent in foreign aid until the border is safe and secure.

No more meetings with your haters. No more talking. Go ahead and declare victory, martial law – or a National Emergency.

This column has appeared in The Tentacle.