Exalted Levels of ‘Stretchers’

By Harry M. Covert

It matters not which versions of the Scriptures is preferred by those of Christian teachings; but, maybe, we should recall and quote that “all liars will have their place in the lake of fire.” Read on please.

In other words, as I’ve heard and learned since infancy, no stretchers of any sort are approved. Let’s admit, little white lies on every level are accepted today no matter how preposterous and taken as truth. Don’t wince, “the Bible tells me so.” I’m in the pulpit today.

Of course, truth, while lacking considerably in public discussion depends on which side of the spectrum people reside. I’d like it to change, but it’s not popular in these days of mischief, unbelief in things celestial and general discord.

I’ve been contemplating at serious length these days, ruminating on the issues that affect us all. I remember the admonition of my late friend and encourager Dwight McSmith, who said: “Don’t be a one note player.” It’s certainly in line as we know it in these tumultuous times. There are lots of notes to play and not all musical. I keep trying, but there’s no reason to delete the idiocies of the ongoing disparaging of all that’s good.

One of the reasons newspapering has always been attractive is it every day offers so many variable stories. So much to report and so little time to scribble. Even at this age, it’s still exhilarating for honest-to-goodness news and writing about constant foibles, alive and historical.

The mulishness of today, to borrow the words of the great humorist H. Allen Smith, my word mentor of yore, is perfect for the present. I’ve grown tired of the constant “contextomy” from all quarters. Yes, I found that word meaning “the practice of misquoting people.” It goes on, depending which ox you want to gore.

Now class, it’s fun to describe some of the “feather merchants,” loafers if you don’t mind, on the national stage who use their dithyrambs to deride opponents.


Please, I’m having fun today. The wordsmiths of all quarters are having field days enlarging the anxieties of generally good people. Never have I heard so much innocuous blather on the state of affairs. This includes the local, state and national divisions. The hogwash filling the hearts and minds of good Americans is probably at its worst – ever.

History rewriters are beyond good sense. For example, no more straws on the left coast; Texas jurisdictions wanting to change names of cities and towns from those days of historical trailblazers; plus no statues of past heroes. Guess who?

By all common sense, this space should be dealing specifically with the goofy politicians in the nation’s capital, statewide seats of government and localities where the rubber meets the roads.

The nation is losing its sense of humor. Meanness is on the social agenda from people who don’t know squat about worldly events of the past century.

In my deep deliberations and introspections, commiserating in superannuations, I must report things are pretty good for us all. Not perfection most assuredly, but no one in the good ole US of A is eating “dirt cookies” as many do in Haiti. This is no stretcher and factual.

We haven’t been victims yet of icebergs ramming the shores in North America nor have us old geezers – I can use this without retribution since I’m in that category – “passed the sell-by date.”

Since the lying business has reached such exalted levels among the utter “privileged” classes, maybe some verses can be mentioned here.

Pay attention please. The Book says in Rev. 21:8: “…all liars, shall have their part in the lake of fire….” Do I honestly need to name the above named testament?

I wonder if the esteemed chaplains of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives have ever bothered to espouse this. They probably dare not. The reason is simple. So many solons don’t know truth from fiction.


This column has appeared in The Tentacle.