Dilettantes of Dumb


Iknew it. I just might have to open a crystal ball shop, make free predictions. Well, dare I brag a bit, I must be a prophet. Even though I have an admitted coffee addiction, reading the tea leaves is becoming rather easy.

A few weeks ago I noted that carpetbaggers have invaded the Home of Presidents and, like diseases, are destroying that great slogan and lifestyle “Virginia is for lovers.”

Over the weekend past, evidence of disgusting conduct came to the fore. In historic Lexington, Virginia, a New Yawk (sic) invader insulted and refused service to an out-of-stater, a nice southern woman and her family.

Genteel hospitality for years has been a hallmark of Virginians. Disgrace has been brought to the Commonwealth again. This time by an arrogant female restaurant owner. Shame and dishonor for certain.

Yes, I’m flogging the eatery called “The Red Hen” in Lexington. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t feed Rhode Island Reds to diners who wanted real southern fried chicken. My words could be unkind. They are – and meant to be.

Damage to the restaurant business in quaint Lexington will be known shortly because of the dirty deed.

In case smart readers of this space have forgotten, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her party were denied a meal service and asked to leave the premises, booted out. The incredibly rude reason? Ms. Sanders is the esteemed press secretary to President Donald Trump.

Ms. Sanders exemplified her dignity and class, obviously using her Christian conviction, “a soft answer turns away wrath.” They departed. And other eateries with similar names are scrambling to disassociate from the Lexington ce, which could get a new name, “The Dead Hen.”

I can attest to other great restaurants in the town known as home to Virginia Military Institute and Washington & Lee University. It’s beautiful country, for sure, but the impertinence of such people is unfortunate and dangerous.

It was in 1969, during the Democratic governorship of Mills E. Godwin Jr., that the “lovers” theme was instituted. Governor Godwin, from Chuckatuck, Virginia, was re-elected four-years later as a Republican and could have served several more terms had the state Constitution been amended. No finer Virginian ever led the state.

I’m not rehashing here any business of free speech, or who can or can’t be served. There’s no excuse for insulting any public figure or private citizen. Perhaps the time will come sooner than later when Taser makers will introduce skunk odor spray for use against such people, dilettantes of dumb.

Of course, such disrupters are looking for fights. Why not give it to them?  Other similar instances arose lately in Florida and California where non compos mentis was apparently out of control. If the stupidity continues, a true new uncivil war will erupt. This one won’t be pretty either.

Do political protesters want to create a new system of vigilantes? Their conduct is asking for it. I see it without tarot cards and a crystal ball.

Pepper spray and Tasers with aromatic skunk are a good start against bullies and tormentors. A good defense begins with a good offense.

This lesson isn’t over. Stay tuned, bedevilers everywhere are trying to get the upper hand. Think about it: pray, spray and spay. In other words neuter and geld the left.

This column has appeared in The Tentacle.