Priceless Images of Crying Babies


A picture is worth a thousand words. Most certainly since photographs began to be featured in newspapers around in the beginning of the 1900s. Then came the avalanche of images on film and every type of video equipment of today. It follows that then came a photograph for the good of journalism, recorded for the first time, the electric chair execution of a New York woman murderer, Ruth Snyder, January 28, 1928, at Sing Sing Prison.

The picture appeared on The New York Daily News front page, the headline “DEAD.” Shocking!

This leads to the images flaunted on big screens and iPhones of little children crying for their mommies and held in anchor-type cages. Oops.

Reaction to these photos are priceless and reach the hearts and souls nationally and around the world. The forecast is all kinds of print and broadcast prizes for excellence. Plus, the backlash is roaring.

Consciences are disturbed and the Congress, which enacted the federal laws, are running around fearful of the coming November elections, where they hope to be on the winning side of public anger. Plus, guess who they blame for the indignity of enforcing the law? I know, you know. What laws are too big or too small to ignore?

It’s disturbing to see children taken away from their law-breaking parents. They storm across the southern borders knowing they are illegally entering the U.S. Why would parents risk putting their newborns and other young children into harm’s way? Yes, the old saw says for better lives and repetition of the Statue of Liberty welcome: “Give us your poor….” A good one. Look it up if you don’t recall the slogan.

The intent here is not to be a curmudgeon, a sourpuss, malcontent or sorehead. Immigration problems didn’t just result in the past three years. The flood of illegals with all kinds of incendiary problems has needed fixing. Members of Congress from all over and the Border States have lollygagged for years, pretending to care about the inundation of illegal aliens, used as political pawns and public relations props.

There’s no need to rehash the drug problems, MS-13 invasion and other travails that come with the illegal invaders.It’s unpleasant to see children separated from their families. It’s not right to rag on those who must enforce the federal laws. It’s not right for the so-called experts to okay lawbreaking.

Communities, cities and towns everywhere have facilities for children removed from their parents. Foster families are valuable and do grand jobs.

Seen any recent photos of Americans handcuffed, shackled and hauled off to local jails and state prisons while the spouses and children crying and screaming? I’ve seen them.

Maybe parents sneaking through the borders should give some thought to their little ones.

As of this writing the brouhaha from the cagings is in high gear. The pressure on the present government is raging. It won’t be surprising if an executive order determines changes shortly in the status of holding the children with their “criminal” progenitors.

Legal citizens should give a close look at their congressional representatives, the majority of whom talk constantly out of big mouths so large they can bite both earlobes at the same time.

Shall border facilities, passport controls and passports and visas merely be closed? Let everybody in? How about no more laws decrying felonious activities; no more speed limit designations. Still no solutions to constant murders.

All of this is out of the question. Isn’t law and order still the law of the land? I hope they remain. If not, the future will look something like the Mideast, Central and South America and the creeping crime rates in England, Germany, Scandinavia and other territories where troubles are exploding.

All right, the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth for the young children have reached the zenith. Build the wall and save the country. Better yet, how about an executive order annexing “el Norte de Mexico” as a U.S. territory. Let all illegals have their own state. Probably cheaper.

I’m serious here.

This copyrighted column has appeared in The Tentacle.