The Rise of the Hammer & Sickle


There’s no denying insidious movements to destroy basic American traditions are well at work. Alarming signs are everywhere, disaster looms and, frankly, danger is disguised as political resistance. I’m beginning to wonder if the education profession has totally forgotten its duty to teach traditional history. How about Americanism, the Five Freedoms.

No, I’m not going off half-cocked. Many people, young and old alike, have lost their way and think they know best. It matters not a whit how many tattoos or piercings moderns like to decorate themselves. But, it does advertise beliefs and thoughts.

Recently, during a session on immigration, protesters determined to disrupt discourse, were not the least bit bashful tee-shirts and sporting wrists with permanent inked logos of the Hammer and Sickle. Cute? Don’t recognize it? I’m not shocked. The youthful numbskulls know exactly it is a symbol of communism. The antifa anti-Americans and similar screwballs are determined to wreck American ideals. They seem to think they are perfectly correct to destroy all that’s good. Let’s spell it out. The American Way.

Millions of Americans have paid the ultimate price to rid the world of communism. Don’t think for one second that the Communist Party USA is idle these days. It’s still recruiting and spewing. Left wingers of all sorts are joining the so-called resistance. Their voice has become loud and clear. And nonsensical.

Look around, watch and listen. Not for many years has socialism been promoted at such a level. Here’s a reminder, “evil spelled backwards is not live.” Silly? No, because the evils of communism, socialism, stupidism, and other -isms” have crept into the national psyche. Oh, yes, in the guise of free speech. They are dangerous.
Here’s an example. Frederick County, Maryland Sheriff Chuck Jenkins presented facts and figures on the growing immigration travesty in the Free State. Imported protesters did their best dirty work trying to disrupt the 287g program discussion in Winchester Hall recently.

It would have been fun to have good citizens take control of the troublemakers, even Taser them (my feelings) and run them out of town. They were out-of-towners, invaders for certain.

Sheriff Jenkins ranks as the most popular and distinguished politician in Frederick County. His acumen is acknowledged at the White House and national media. He told me: “I have never experienced young people with such hatred, disdain, and contempt for America, law enforcement and government. They were antifa, transgenders, socialist groups and the like. There also seem to be some of the older folks buying into that mindset.”

Apparently a large portion of the citizenry have forgotten about the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) founded in 1938 and the McCarthyism period of the 1950s. Very interesting historical period.

Will the current political miasma force a new period of re-think with a full-fledged battle to overcome anti-Americanism?

How much more of this wave will good citizens all over stomach, put up with the disrespect for the National Anthem, Francis Scott Key’s Star Spangled Banner, the Pledge of Allegiance and the time-tested Judeo-Christian ethic? Keep U.S. haters out of the country. Remember 9/11? Do left wingers want another go-round of HUAC and Joe McCarthy. Think about it. Don’t be surprised if some form arises. Could a rabid fear result?

While considering alternatives, patriotism ranks high. It’s time to re-watch those news films of our troops storming Normandy beaches, the human tragedies in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan and other spots where Marxists and the like are always at work. Who does the world turn to when it needs help? Freedom? That’s not a difficult question or answer.

This column has appeared in The Tentacle.