Embarrassing Unrefined Persons

By Harry M. Covert

Vulgarians are at the gate. Their desire is to repeat dirty words often enough that the general public won’t blink at their constant and offensive use. Go ahead. Invoke the constitutional right to say whatever and whenever you want.

This business of the nastiest words in the American language, née English, so prevalent and discourteous and disguised as comedy, is out of control and insidious in shaping good minds and conversations. I’m not dignifying them with initials.

Many of the professional talkers like to hide behind the idea of “pushing the envelope” to coarseness beyond the pale. This is not in the league “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie and preached by Norman Vincent Peale. 

Steve Allen, the early impresario of The Tonight Show, and other comedy shows and a gifted musician and author, wrote a book: “Vulgarians at the Gate.”The second part of the title is this: “Trash TV and Raunch Radio: Raising Standards of Popular Culture.” 

After hearing about the latest churlish routines of Roseanne Barr, Samantha Bee and Michelle Wolf, what goes for humor and funny stuff is trash talking by embarrassingly unrefined persons. Snots!

Were the above named dirty-talkers off stage and directing their words to most moms, dads, grandmothers and grandfathers most people of dignity would have slapped them silly.

Again, free speech you say? “Stupid is as stupid does” is how Forrest Gump’s mamma put it. George Carlin is dead!

Manners, Vocabularies Have Sunk


The business of manners has slipped by the wayside among those who supposedly are leaders, celebrities or plain everyday folks.

Modern day vocabularies have sunk to the baselessness of human degradation. When elementary school children are heard using curse words on playgrounds, it should be a cause for discipline, not only of the girls and boys, but to their parents. Of course, the prudes can’t be allowed to impose manners on anyone!

All of these would-be language abusers in media, broadcast or print, should apologize for any alleged cussing by sailors.

In no way, shape, or form is the profanity, vulgarity and ill-mannered expressions considered cute. Humor is always at someone’s expense.

It’s time for women and men of the cloth, the Federal Communications Commission, writers of all genres, and mommas and poppas to get control of their good sense. I know taking stands against foul language will be described by some as puritanical and prissy. How nice!

There were times when Ivory Soap proved to help deter cussing. Smacks in the mouth were – and are – effective, too, despite what Dr. Spock promoted.

All right pulpiteers, borrow some sermons from Billy Sunday, the 1880s baseball star of yesterday, and “shun vain and profane babblings.”

This column appeared in The Tentacle.