Mueller: Patriot or Panderer

America’s Most Dangerous Man

  • ‘Robert Mueller is framing his own investigation partly to justify the prelection actions of the FBI.’

Holman Jenkins, Jr. – “The Wall Street Journal”

By Ladson F. Mills III

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is the most dangerous man in America. Given the country’s current mood his next decision might produce the spark that ignites America’s first civil war.

Contrary to popular belief the War Between the States was not a civil war. There was no desire in the South to take over the government. Like the American Revolution,it was a rebellion to separate from what was perceived to be a tyrannical and overreaching central government.

Robert Mueller is a man whom I should instinctively trust and hold in the highest esteem. Mueller was a Marine Corps Officer who served in Vietnam.  He was combat wounded and decorated for bravery. As the former head of the FBI, he is respected by many as a dedicated public servant.

Why then the constant criticism?  James Comey.

It is hard to fathom why Robert Mueller would choose a man like Comey as his protégé and successor as Director of the FBI.  Comey’s idiosyncrasies are well documented making Mueller’s embracing him even more mystifying.

If Holman Jenkins’ observation that ‘Robert Mueller is framing his own investigation partly to justify the prelection actions of the FBI’ is accurate, it would explain his extreme and reckless behavior as Special Counsel.

Every day American Citizens watch as their rights are eroded by unelected, unsupervised, and self- serving bureaucrats. Former Assistant Attorney General Sally Yates recently taunted President Trump with a warning that no one is above the law.  Given the arrogant double standard between the citizens who are prosecuted and those who receive a pass, Yates is really saying is no one except we special few.

Mueller and his team are the personifications of an indictment in search of a crime. And with rare exception, the United States Congress has been absent in providing oversight to this expensive and never-ending witch hunt.

James Comey has described President Trump as a mob boss.  He might consider being more circumspect in his analogies.  Those familiar with the “Godfather” movie might not view President Trump as Don Vito Corleone as much as they see Comey as Fredo Corleone. Fredo was the weak, inept older brother, who fouled up everything he attempted while endangering the family.

The real danger that threatens the nation lies in the close, personal relationship between Robert Mueller and James Comey.

In 1963 reporter Hannah Arendt in her book on the Israeli capture and trial of former SS Officer and war criminal Adolf Eichmann coined the phrase ‘banality of evil.’ Even while on trial for his life Eichmann hid behind “officialize” to avoid personal responsibility. He never wavered from insisting that he had “only been doing his duty” and “obeying the law.”

It may be hyperbole to suggest James Comey is the ‘banality of evil,’ but he appears to personify the characteristics of a banal, narcissistic, self- aggrandizing mid-level bureaucrat who might be derisively dismissed as having delusions of adequacy.

As director of the FBI, he broke the law when he engaged a friend in leaking a classified memo to the press. He subverted the course of justice by bowing to pressure from Attorney General Loretta Lynch and altering pertinent information in the Clinton e-mail investigation.

He decided not prosecute Secretary Clinton well before the investigation had been completed and then falsified the facts to justify his decision.

His newly released book, “A Higher Loyalty” describes President Trump as a ‘congenital liar, unethical and driven by personal ego.’  This toxic projection seems more self -description.  The sad truth is that Comey’s behavior reflects a “Higher Loyalty” only to himself.

Mr. Mueller rounds out the equation through his use of predatory legality. Once targeted any and every tactic is used to reach a predetermined conclusion. All citizens are presumed innocent until proven guilty except by the Special Counsel. And if the Constitution and Bill of Rights are trampled then so be it. All that matters is maintaining power and control and in Mueller’s case protecting his FBI friends and former his protégé.

The worse crime the President seems to have committed is embarrassing inside the beltway elitist who takes themselves far too seriously.

The American people can no longer rely on career bureaucrats, or even elected representatives to protect our rights as citizens. It is time for Mr. Mueller to bereminded his oath was not to the FBI or his friends but the Constitution and therefore the citizens of the United States. It might be time for these Washington elites to remember their salaries are paid by taxpayers who also foot the bill for their shenanigans.

It is well-documented that the Special Counsel selected aggressive lawyers who financially supported Democrats. But equally important are their law firms.  With whom do they do business and how much money were they paid.

The Special Counsel’s incestuous relationship with the FBI, DOJ, must itself be independently audited.  And this must include all of his internal and personal correspondence as well.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has regularly urged patience and trust with the process. And what has this patience and faith thus far produced?

A senior IRS official abused power in targeting citizens based on politics and was allowed to retire on a full pension with no accountability. Two senior FBI officials investigating President Trump were removed for their flagrant attempt to influence the investigation. They not only remain employed but retain their high- level security clearances.

A senior Department of Justice Official’s wife was employed by a private firm that was paid to dirt on President Trump.

We have now arrived at the place where no one except the American People can halt this unbridled power overreach.

Benjamin Franklin noted, ‘In free governments the riders are the servants and the people their superiors and sovereigns.’  In their lust for power this seems to have been forgotten by Mr. Mueller and company.

It is time they were reminded.


Ladson F. Mills III, a former Marine Corps Line Officer, and Navy Chaplainis the founder of Setebos-Sixpence Freelance Writing Ltd.  He lives with his wife on Johns Island, South Carolina. He is a regular contributor to The Covert Letter and Virtueonline. Mills’ book, Abandoned Shipmate, The Destruction of Coast Guard Captain Ernie Blanchard,” is scheduled for publication in August. This is a sad but true tragic story.