School Fear, Royal Wedding Joy

Good Morning Texas

By Harry M. Covert

The bulletin crawled across the bottom of the screen early in the morning. Alerts were immediate on my iPhone. Reports of a Texas high school shooting. No information available at that moment.

Uh oh! Immediately thoughts and prayers were liftced. I knew what was coming. At the early hour no facts leaked. Moments later the Associated Press noted a young coed was shot in the leg. Nothing else.

Most certainly the news subject was set for the day. I had planned to wax a bit eloquent here about Saturday’s Royal Marriage. I’ve visited Windsor Castle several times in recent years and figured I could describe walking through St. George’s Chapel on the palace grounds. It is historic and elegant.

It wasn’t long before two teachers and eight students succumbed to shootings from a shotgun and .38 caliber pistol.

The 17-year-old student shooter took his father’s legal firearms and allegedly committed the horrors in Santa Fe, Texas, in Galveston County.

Again, such unspeakable acts are back in the public discussion. Clearly, no one in authority has come up with a solution, or answers, that would curb such violence.

A number of national persons said it was a waste of time for office holders and politicians to offer condolences plus prayers and thoughts to victims and families. Several noted all this was a waste of time and useless.

The same old-same old is still recurring. The matter of spiritual dependence is not out of style no matter what non-believers, or atheists and other misfits, like to promote. The nation has always depended on Divine intervention. What else is missing that prevents leaders, medical wizards, psychologists and psychiatrists, counselors and prayer warriors to intervene?

How do parents prepare their children? How do educators in all forms teach and lead students? Good questions and non-political.

We’ve been down this road for a long time. Perhaps the business for decades of decrying Christian, Judeo, and religious tenets has come a long way in destructing the principles to live by.

Certainly, gun owners are again blamed for the murderous conduct in schools.

The public expounders twisted the words of the president for calling the El Salvador hoodlums MS-13 “animals.” Such criticism proves the critics have never seen arms and legs chopped off teenage girls. Or, never visited hospitals where young teens have been stabbed and raped unmercifully. These criminal activities are going on now.

Maybe videos and photos in law enforcement files should be televised. The MS-13 gangsters are without feeling. They are not saints in jails and prisons.

It is true that the perpetrators in school shootings are troubled. Many are without doubt mental cases of all strata.

Yes, my heart breaks when our days start with unbelievable crimes. Yes, my thoughts and prayers take priority.

I’ve heard the political pros blaming federal and state leaders. Always the National Rifle Association. Not one answer has been made to rectify and solve the mental problems of shooters and stabbers and poisoners.

One network voice said solutions should start at November balloting. How stupid is that? Unless and until the hearts and minds of all individuals are changed from evil thinking and doing right, the killings will continue.

Talk is mighty cheap. Protest speeches with peace signs may make good news sights. But they are merely feel good and don’t change one iota those who are sick and troubled.

It’s too bad the Texas catastrophe erupted before a historic Royal occasion.


This column has appeared in The Tentacle.