Is it Really Russia, Mr. Mueller?

By Ladson F. Mills III

The moral attitudes of dominant and privileged groups
are characterized by universal self-deception and hypocrisy.’
— Reinhold Niebuhr, Moral Man and Immoral Society

A nation that embraces insanity as its defining ideology is a nation descending into chaos. There is nothing more indicative of this emerging insanity than what has erupted since the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

The primary purpose appears to be a dirt-digging expedition for any evidence that would link President Trump to an impeachable offense. It smacks of an inside the beltway, politically motivated, and legally manipulated coup designed to topple a President whose election embarrassed the establishment elites.

Robert Mueller

Former Attorney General Eric Holder recently proclaimed that it is obvious Mr. Mueller already has an obstruction of justice case against the President and is only seeking to make his case ‘juicer.’ It is a fascinating observation from the most controversial Attorney General since John Mitchell.

Holder’s tenure was notorious for attempting to turn every issue into one of racism. Additionally, he refused to investigate the IRS long after it became evident they denied tax exemptions to conservative groups who were targeted for disagreeing with President Obama.

Attorney General Holder’s refusal to answer questions concerning the debacle of operation “Fast and Furious” was never adequately investigated. The undercover sting operation allowed the sale of illegal guns that were responsible for a reported 150 deaths including US Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry. As a result, Holder became the first Presidential Cabinet member in history to be cited for contempt of Congress and censured. This may explain why his observation was greeted with more yawn than outrage.

A more profound concern, however, is the recent CNN interview with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Having served in Washington with Robert Mueller, Secretary Rice spoke glowingly of his excellent record and personal integrity. She lamented that he is unfairly criticized. And herein lies the issue. After years “inside the beltway” there develops a profound disconnect between the leadership and the people; even in one as grounded as Ms. Rice.


Christopher Steele Smeared MI6 Spy          

The criticism of Mueller’s motives and methods are honest and should not abate. He stacked his committee with anti-Trump Democratic Party supporting lawyers well known for their expertise in the technique of “isolate and intimidate until they capitulate.” Not only do they go after a targeted accused but their families as well. No one is immune from his committee’s overreach.

Grand Juries who at one-time protected citizens from prosecutorial over-reach have now become prosecutorial tools to compel compliance. Private citizens, unlike the special counsel, are not privy to unlimited government funding and regularly rendered bankrupt.

The Special Counsel investigation’s latest direction is to blame Russia, social media and President Trump for eroding confidence in the Department of Justice and FBI. I have seriously bad news for Mr. Mueller; that ship sailed long ago.

It was not the Russians who allowed Hillary Clinton to get away with using her personal computer server and non regulation personal cell phones in violation of the law during her tenure as Secretary of State. The Russians did not force FBI Director James Comey to succumb to pressure from Attorney General Loretta Lynch to frame the FBI’s investigation in a manner that would favor Mrs. Clinton.

It was not the Russians who looked away when Attorney General Lynch held a private meeting with former President Clinton during his wife’s investigation. Not even the Russians would expect the American people to naively accept that the only thing discussed was travel and grandchildren.

And what about Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr’s questionable relationship with Christopher Steele, the disgraced former British MI6 agent. Steele supplied Fusion GPS with unsubstantiated and salacious rumors designed to discredit Mr. Trump. These rumors were presented to the FISA Court as documentation for an investigation into the President.

Mr. Steele’s relationship with Bruce Ohr, a senior Justice Department official whose wife was employed by Fusion GPS, has yet to be investigated. Deputy Attorney General Ohr and his wife Natalie were both aware that funding for Steele’s investigation came from the Hilary Clinton Campaign, but this information was withheld from the court.
There has been no evidence that Russia influenced FBI agent Peter Strzok and his paramour FBI Attorney Lisa Page to exchange almost ten- thousand tweets in gushing support of Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid while serving as members of the team investigating her. Not only did Strzok state his reluctance to provide damaging evidence against Mrs. Clinton, whom he believed would be the next president, but suggested “there was an insurance policy” to thwart Mr. Trump’s Presidency.

No one has yet linked Russian influence to fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe whose wife received substantial political donations from the Clintons. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that McCabe is accused of misleading the FISA Court to gain approval for the Trump Investigation

           Ladson F. Mills III
           Columnist, Author

Special Counsel Mueller is much too generous in laying America’s mounting disenchantment with the FBI and DOJ at the feet of either the Russians or President Trump. Former KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin may be a thug who despises the United States, but he is only doing what Russians always do. And that is to exploit the failures of others by any and every means. (Putin was elected to his fourth term this past Sunday.)

Putin may be determined and dangerous, but he is not omnipotent. Every time an American political leader whines about Russian interference they publicly showcase what the American people already know. Our country has been ill-served by its leadership.

There is now an emerging call for a second special counsel to investigate all the matters that the Mueller committee seems to be overlooking. This is a necessity if confidence in these institutions is ever to be restored.
The recognition that our leadership has failed is proof that the American people can still discern fact from fiction.

And that is the only positive news in this entire sad and sordid affair.

     Ladson F. Mills III, a former Marine Corps Line Officer and Navy Chaplain, is the founder of Setebos-Sixpence Freelance Writing Ltd. He lives with his wife on Johns Island, South Carolina. He is a regular contributor to The Covert Letter and Virtueonline. Mills’ book, Abandoned Shipmate, The Destruction of Coast Guard Captain Ernie Blanchard, is scheduled for publication. This is a sad but true tragic story.