Crimes & Murders; Pusillanimous Politicians; Pardon to Senate?

Charm City Can’t Curb Violence,
Sacks Police Commissioner

By Harry M. Covert

It’s no laughing matter, but Baltimore’s latest police commissioner has been sacked. The reason was a bit surprising. He didn’t reduce violent crimes, which last year included 343 murders. The per capita record for Charm City.

In my experience around law enforcement and criminal courts of many years, no police chief or any other of similar title, has ever been able to halt shootings, stabbings, garrotings, or any other forms of crime.

Even sheriffs, jailers, wardens, and other forms of correctional types, are unable to halt crimes. This is not a shallow thought. Once crimes are discovered, perpetrators more often than not are arrested and in some form of penal facility — locked up, punished.

Most everybody reads detective stories and watches the cops and robbers shows and movies. The fictional tales are entertaining, but in real everyday life, crimes against friends and neighbors and other people goes on while awarding-winning crime shows grow with more creative ways for murder and maim.

They say everything rises and falls on leadership. But one woman or man with side arms, Tasers, brass knuckles and other weapons is dumbstruck to thwarting vicious killings. Blackjacks, nightsticks and thumb cuffs are tools of the trade, but no longer allowed to handle law breakers.

It makes little or no sense to expect esteemed academic people to halt the high crime rate. It is philosophical to espouse theories that don’t accomplish effective policing. Talk is rather expensive from the talkers and theoreticians.

Most certainly modern police work has improved considerably, and that’s wondrous. Police administrators have difficult responsibilities. Too often leaders who’ve never faced a violent experiment — gun to the head, knife to the throat or mob attack — are more than willing to carelessly blame those dedicated to fighting crime.

The outgoing Baltimore commissioner was no rookie. His contract will be paid until 2020. He deserves no less. His career up to now has been distinguished.

Cities across the nation, small, large and metropolises are hard at work all day and every day. Crime fighting is an impossible task.

The politicians can easily and quickly fire their police leaders. The one big question, or subject, they can’t answer, or explain, is who can predict why an individual kills and robs. or when it’s going to happen?

Factors are everywhere in what becomes a crime world. Jails in all forms are loaded with women, men, girls and boys. And it’s not going to change in this lifetime – or the next. That’s not cynicism or meanness.

It’s heartbreaking to see, hear and read about crime in all its forms. Until mommas and daddies and teachers and preachers get to work, the bad will continue to overwhelm all that’s good.

I recall a time at a funeral when the officiant wore an ankle holster. He explained, there were lots of criminals in the funeral home. “They were all armed. If a gun fight erupted, I was ready.”

It’s nice police agencies have good public events like coffee with cops, or deliver school supplies, and help meals on wheels delivery. The hard job is being alert and watch out for the unexpected — that shot in the dark.♦♦♦♦

The Pusillanimous Politicians

By Harry M. Covert

With all disrespect to the so-called law makers, the recent debacle can be described as anti-American and the witlings, the wisenheimers if you will, have set the worst examples of leadership in recent years.

It’s truly bothersome that those elected to uphold the Constitution of the democratic republic have failed the citizens miserably. Closing the government, even for three days, is un-American, unpardonable and unacceptable.

The only recourse to save the nation is impeaching all of them. Naturally they can only be expelled from the Senate and House of Representatives. Where has the honor gone? Voting days will come again.

Partisanship is one thing, but destruction of the principles of good government is beyond goodness and integrity or rectitude.

The idea of holding the government hostage is unconscionable. The good old girls and boys attempting to be first among equals is shameful at the very least.

Millions of Americans in every state and territory are suffering in some manner. Military women and men are expected to protect the civilians at the risk of their lives. Yet the peckerwoods, pecksniffians and pusillanimous politicians are more interested in illegal immigrants. Do they ever visit the wounded warriors?

So, what if a young soldier is killed or maimed? That’s the example solons want to make the issue. I’ve been thrilled and honored to help numerous foreign-born individuals come to the United States and live legal and productive lives. The matters making the news so adamantly of late are merely shifting winds to undermine the goodness of traditional Americans. There is nothing funny about tearing down the fundamental foundations.

Shall I dare recall the quote “America is great because America is good?” History has proved that with many selfless ideals.

Those elected in the majority and minorities have missed the opportunity again to be true to their callings. How much longer must the people endure the hate being espoused in so many quarters? How long will the fabricated and false problems be purported as truth?

It is disgraceful that fear-and-hate mongering have reached epidemic proportions. No good will come from all the evil being spread. Saner heads must prevail sooner rather than later.

The thought of cutting off funds for soldiers and public safety personnel in far flung fields is unconscionable. Threats from around the world are ever increasing. Not for a blink of the eye are people safe.

The babblers in Washington, with all their advisers and money raisers, must get back to honesty and veracity and remember why they were sent to the nation’s capital.

Presently, their reputations are in the tank. Who do we trust? A mighty good question.♦♦♦♦

A Felon Joins the Campaign Trail

By Harry M. Covert

That anomalies are everywhere in the political world goes without saying. Lots of hopefuls jump on bandwagons merely for publicity and shock value. Public amnesia in far too many cases allows some to succeed at the risk of the general good.

What a privilege it is to proceed to the hustings. It takes hutzpah, determination and time and talent in the political business. It’s not always fun and games. Far from it.

In preparation for a Saturday evening party with political friends, news broke that Chelsea Manning, the former Army intelligence analyst convicted of leaking classified documents to Wikileaks, announced she is seeking the Democratic Party nomination for one Maryland U.S. Senate seat. The current holder is two-term Sen. Ben Cardin.

Quite probably the Manning entry isn’t causing any great concern for the party, or for Mr. Cardin, a respected leader of Maryland, even to his opponents.

The idea that Manning, who was known as Private Bradley Manning in his Army days, can seek a political seat is incredible.

Manning is transgender, and now female isn’t the issue to true-blue politicians. The fact is “she” is a felon, who served seven years of a 35-year prison sentence at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, male section. The sentence was commuted by former President Barack Obama.

Manning’s surgery to woman status was paid by the U.S. government – us. Again, the problem with “her” ability to seek public office is felonious convictions. In some quarters the description “traitor” doesn’t really fit although it’s difficult to not use.

Apparently, there is no law against a felon seeking public office although convicted felons are denied the privilege of voting.

Right off the bat after filing papers with the Federal Election Commission last Thursday, Miss Manning, now 30, immediately announced a fund-raising campaign and tweeted “yup, we’re running for Senate.”

There’s many a slip between her cup and the lip. Democratic Party leaders won’t say anything publicly, but with all the hoopla going on in the halls of government in Maryland’s capital of Annapolis, and the girls and boys in Washington, shock and awe is probably on the minds of the movers and shakers. A few laughs, too.

Senator Cardin’s campaign coffers are overflowing with $2 million. He has to be chuckling over the upstart felon’s gall.

Insiders around Maryland will be quiet as Manning attempts to organize efforts from North Bethesda. Just who is going to fund the leaker’s desires this time? It’s likely someone with more money than sense in the discombobulated political arena will feel sorry for Chelsea.

That a Manning type, a “Leavenworth graduate,” can run for public office without recriminations, is a stunning sign of the times. It isn’t just limited to either of the major parties, nor is it an intended insult to gender persuasions. Conversation always leads to the nation of laws subject. It is extremely doubtful Manning can be successful opposing Senator Cardin.

The candidacy does create a pall over all the solid candidates who will be knocking themselves out in the coming months.♦♦♦♦

These columns have appeared in The Tentacle.

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