‘The question should be where have the powerful preachers gone?’

 By Harry M. Covert

After almost four decades, the battle to de-religionize the American society has reached crescendo proportions. Leading the attack on almost everything that is holy has been the liberal left wing.

The basic foundations of the nation are almost in shatters. The anti-religionists have no shame, or conscience, and would like heathens of all stripes to understand they’ve been quite successful.

Please look around at every area of life and see the terrible results of decline. It’s no longer a secret that spiritual life and people of faith are true victims. The entertainment world loves to batter true believers.

Traditional prayers in public schools, sporting events and other venues are discredited. Even the courts have acted to shed the nation of the Judeo-Christian influence.

We might as well speak up. What has long been held with dignity and respect is now demeaned, deplored and dismissed. No longer considered vital.

Has the country ever been as divided since the 1860s? We can point to the never-ending barrage of hate in the news cycle.

The question should be where have the powerful preachers gone? Why have they been forced to ignore their sacred callings? Well, they have, whether out of fear of not going along with the flow, or wanting to be everybody’s easy friend.

There are those critics who enjoy bashing people of the Bible Belt. Usually, as humanoids begin to face life-threatening experiences, or reach that moment when life becomes extinct, they suddenly begin to re-think the Divine, the Almighty and forgivenesses.

The time is quite appropriate for some hellfire-breathing evangelists to get back on point, telling the old, old story.

I know this won’t be popular across the national spectrum, but consider the final book of Scripture. At the same time recall current major disasters all around the universe: hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, out of control fires, indescribable mass murders, terrorism worldwide, hideous personal conduct by authority figures and continuing evils perpetrated in most locales.

Can recent events be called the Wrath of God? Should every person and government be alert more than ever?
Religious institutions are failing en-mass. It’s the task of these men and women to represent the urgent needs facing the world.

It’s rather simple to ignore the signs of crumbling societies. Time is gone when going along to get along is easy and expeditious.

A young Christian writer named Joseph Scheumann, wrote succinctly:

“The doctrine of the wrath of God has fallen on hard times. In today’s world, any concept of God’s wrath upsets our modern sentiments. It’s too disconcerting, too intolerant.”

In light of all the nasty politics, destructive weather, unspeakable crimes and world events, it’s time to be concerned about life as we know it.

The answers aren’t on the reprobate cable news shows who want nothing but to destroy.

Beware of those destroying our belief system. ◄◄◄◄◄

This column has appeared in the Altoona (Pa.) Mirror and The Tentacle