End Game Coming When Tweets Don’t Work

By Harry M. Covert
All the “message sending” bombarding North Korea appear delaying the  inevitable.  From all the threats of nuclear attempts, escalating missiles and tail wagging the “big dog” apparently there are no tweets reaching Pyongyang.

Quite naturally no one wants war, military intervention or destruction of the rogue regime. But that time is approaching.  And rapidly.
Evidence is mounting by the moment that the United States once again will have to solve the situation. Young Americans are on duty and ready to take the call. It probably won’t pretty.

President Trump gives the word Sunday

The question for all is how long is the free world supposed to suffer waiting for the bombs to fall on free people? All people know the old slogan, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Imagine if North Korea is successful in launching a hydrogen bomb? All the messages of our modern day won’t amount to a zit. The audacious United Nations apparently has no influence to stop the threats. Diplomatic activities and sanctions haven’t proved efficacious or rewarding.

It does seem that patience is waning with the commander-in-chief, defense secretary-general James Mathis and the entire military industrial complex.

The ongoing tragedy of the Texas hurricane destruction is a long way from ending. The Korean situation has continued for 64 years since a 1953 truce. Still not over but South Korea has prospered incredibly while North Koreans are in bondage to incompetent war lords.

No Waiting for Another Ballistic Missile Launch

The bottom line today, while waiting for another ballistic missile launch, is for the free world, meaning the U.S., must “grab the problem by the throat” and remove the chance of massive destruction.

Here’s a song readers will know: https://youtu.be/C95Cb2ByHNA 

There’s no need to apologize for the slangy undiplomatic language. Sweet talk is just that in dealing with the problem. Perhaps it will be necessary to destroy what is known as the People’s Democratic Republic of North Korea.

Still vivid in my mind is a day in 1951 when a 19-year-old Virginia marine was killed in a battle. He had recently graduated from our high school. The school principal announced the sad news over the public address to classrooms. Our class was devastated.

Lots of other young Americans lost their lives in that war. It is unlikely a diplomatic solution will result with the North Korean tyrant. Honestly I believe most Americans would prefer use of the latest military technology to stop the threats with immediate profound action. Thankfully the U.S. has the assets.

More music: https://youtu.be/MoNj8qsptjA

There is no way to deal with Kim Jong Un. Why delay the inescapable? That third world country is not worth the life of a single American nor a single U.S. dollar. North Korea’s civilians are paying the price and more will suffer. If Leader Un is killed, removed, quickly, perhaps there’s a chance the East Asian country can survive.

The end game is near. The time for hand wringing is over. The next message won’t be a tweet.

And now for all patriots: https://youtu.be/9AIAKVst7jw

Salute please and take names.