Spoiled Money-Grabbers, Unwanted Quarterback

By Harry M. Covert

It’s timely to jump into the razzmatazz concerning the poor professional gridders, so victimized in their millionaire paydays for cavorting up and down playing a game. And living large.

The players are so offended by the president’s criticism that some of the put-upons won’t stand for our National Anthem. These spoiled money-grabbers love adoration for their running up and down the fields.

Occasionally they misbehave with gang tackling, clipping, grabbing face masks to hurt opponents and beating up their wives and girlfriends. They also enjoy showing off with all kinds of silly dance movements not in choreographers’ style books.

The commissioner of the National Football League (NFL), the $43 million yearly man said President Donald J. Trump disrespected

Alejandro Villaneuro, Army Ranger, NFL tackle.

the NFL. Oh, my, Mr. Trump said in an Alabama speech Friday night that team owners should fire players who disrespect the flag by kneeling at the music, The Star Spangled Banner. That’s true disrespect.

Mr. Trump spoke in the vernacular regularly heard in the locker rooms, in practice sessions and during actual games. The 45th president used SOB in describing the overpaid souls whose language on-and-off the field is equivalent. He need not apologize.
The question is this: why are the players so offended when fans also are put off by their disregard for the flag which represents freedom and liberty for every citizen.

Pro football, collegiate football on down to high schools and below offer lots of opportunities. Too often the leaders bend the rules if a young man can run fast, make tackles and throw touchdown passes.

The game generates lots of cash for educational institutions, communities and the owners. Words like stars, heroes, classy players and the frequent use of hall of famers permeate the sport.

There is no reason to enumerate the bad side of the sport. However, the organizations should exemplify the good of the nation. Former quarterback Colin Kaepernick has his reasoning misplaced. He apparently doesn’t make the grade for a top position any longer. Blaming the league, the president or anyone else for his idleness is quite off base.

Sports lovers and coaches, past and present, know when players and coaches reach the end of the line. It is always sad when careers ebb. It happens in every profession.

The ongoing fighting in the sports world, the entertainment venue and government has descended into the worst of everything. Sad, but true.

Real Hero, wounded warrior

Sports have always been fun for participants and fandom. We all remember Friday night high school games. Saturday on college campuses and then Sundays either in pro stadiums or watching or listening to favorite teams. Think of all the joys from wagering in various ways.

The real hero Sunday was former army ranger Alejandro Villanueva, who plays offensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers. His coaches and teammates remained in the locker room while he stood at attention on the field as the anthem was honoring America.
Mr. Villanueva served three tours in Afghanistan. Earning the army Ranger designation is not easy, tougher than an NFL practice or game.

The Sunday kneelers are shameful. Coaches and owners who condone that conduct are disgraceful.

They all want to be super stars in some form. They enjoy successful lives and are selfish when it comes to the country and its ideals.
I’ve known many real heroes in all walks of life. I’ve known many quality sportsmen and sports women. Real heroes and superstars were missing the past few days.

It was shocking the Baltimore Ravens knelt in London and lost big time. The disrespectful Steelers were shocked, too, and defeated.
One more thing. A redefining of descriptions of star athletes and hall of famers is now on the agenda.

This column has appeared in The Tentacle.