NoKo’s ‘Rocket Man’ is on a Suicide Mission

By Harry M. Covert

With a strong degree of certainty, I can assure the faithful and newspaper editors across the land that there is no need for 120 point bold headline type along the lines “The World Ends.

A fellow who has proclaimed himself as a Christian numerologist has gotten his fifteen minutes of idiocy recently by noting the end for planet earth is Saturday. That date is September 23. I’m cynical and a skeptic.

That may well be the day though for North Korea if Kim Jong Un pulls off another missile launch. As the mis-functioning United Nations coterie heard emphatically on Tuesday, NoKo’s “rocket man” is on a suicide mission.

President Trump wasn’t the least bit wishy-washy. Everybody in the enclave got the message clearly and succinctly that days of talking and pandering without success are over.

It would be too late if NoKo is accidentally successful in landing a nuclear explosive on or near South Korea, Japan, Guam, California or U.S. military assets. Does the “day of infamy” recall any thing? It should.

Back in the glorious days of printed broadsheet and tabloid newspapers, talk of the boldest and biggest blaring headlines were always at the ready. Just in case.

It is rather sad that a supposed Bible teacher would dare predict a date for “the end.” We all know there are many fools who make such statements and find innocent acolytes. Scripture says no man knows the hour or the time. Sunday morning elocutionists, preachers if you will, have their subject at the ready.

The prediction came from conspiracy theorist David Meade, a University of Kentucky graduate who studied astronomy and economics.

He makes a good living pushing such bosh.

The worries of the world are focused and should be on the destructive hurricanes that bashed Texas, Florida and Caribbean Islands. Currently more horror is well underway in Puerto Rico and other islands.

Plus, Mexico is suffering and digging out from a 7.1 earthquake that’s killed hundreds, destroyed buildings and so far created untold obliteration in towns and villages “south of the border.”

Before critics and deficients attempt to cash in on the dismay, Mr. Trump’s leadership and election isn’t the reason for the world’s travails. Those who would like to promote that are simpletons and witlings.

Other would-be experts and con artists have promoted the world’s demise for centuries. They surely have missed out on productive and happy lifespans.

One aspect of the bogus predictions is that objective scribblers have good topics to relate.

There are lots of problems facing the nation. Let’s mention the vicious MS-13 terrorists from Central America; terrorists under guise of religious believers who want to takeover society; the terrorists using dummy issues to destroy the nation. The list is incredible.How about those headlines? I’ll prophesy here. The majority of all the public prints, daily of course, won’t even have 96 point cold type on their front page in three days. In all likelihood the big story will be about weather — bright and fair, according to the U.S. Weather Bureau and broadcast vixens.

In reserve I have a special airways “Breaking News” bulletin, “Un Done.” At least we can hope and pray.◄◄◄◄◄

This column has appeared in The Tentacle.