America’s elite class will never understand . . .

‘If you want to tell people the truth make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.’

George Bernard Shaw

By Ladson F. Mills III

There is no need to offer advice. As the saying goes the wise don’t need it and the unwise won’t heed it. But if anyone from the White House happens to be reading here’s a thought. Perhaps a more playful attitude toward your antagonist is timely. You are confronted by the humorless and the humorless are deadly.

There was a time when there was admiration for those who took their jobs but not themselves seriously. In Washington that day has long passed.

There is something tedious about the continual sanctimonious self-righteousness. Instead of endless psycho-babble concerning Trump’s fitness we might be better served in reflecting on what lies behind the toxic projection that erupted from his election.

America’s elite class will never understand why Trump became president. They cannot see that the Democratic Party has long abdicated its role as the party of the middle class to become the party of special interest.

It took presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s slip up to unmask the truth.  Working class Americans are considered expendable. They are the ‘deplorables’ whose jobs are taken away and then become objects of ridicule.

Enter Donald J. Trump.

It should be no surprise that benefactors of business as usual would resent and even fear his election. If he is successful others might see how poorly our nation is being served by the political class.

They might see wisdom in returning to the era when Congress met part-time. It could spell the end for the professional politicians who make a handsome living but never seem to accomplish very much.

James Clapper former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency recently accused President Trump of purposely eroding confidence in our country’s institutions. Clapper is just being modest. He and his fellow bureaucrats did a splendid job of it long before Mr. Trump entered the scene. Just ask the Russians who regularly hack our cyber security with impunity.

During the Obama administration the IRS targeted law abiding citizens based on political beliefs with no accountability.  The Secretary of State violated the law by using a non-government server and placed the nation in jeopardy.

The Attorney General held a secret meeting with the husband of someone whom she was investigating and suffered no consequences.

A failed foreign policy allowed a psychopath to develop ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads that can reach the American homeland.

And now we have the fascinating case of recently fired FBI Director James Comey.

Comey has resorted to the tactic of smoke screening to divert attention away from his own failures.  He touts the skill and dedication of the rank and file FBI, but it is not the integrity of the typical agent that is in question. It his competence to be their leader.

The FBI over the past several decades has experienced its share of problems. At Ruby Ridge in 1992 the FBI killed the fourteen-year old son of Randy Weaver and later a sniper shot his wife Vicki as she held their ten-month old child in her arms. All because Mr. Weaver failed to make a court appearance over charges of possession and illegal sale of fire arms. An investigation determined the sniper shot that killed Vicki Weaver was illegal, but no charges against the agents resulted.

Questionable decisions were repeated a year later at the Branch Davidian Compound at Waco, Texas. The ensuing massacre and loss of life especially of the innocent children was horrific. Those responsible for the ensuing fiasco which included Attorney General Janet Reno should have been prosecuted. They were not.

A female agent was recently sent to interrogate an ISIS prisoner, but instead  fell in love and married him. At least she was terminated from her job.

  1. Edgar Hoover had his faults but understood what would happen if politicians ever gained control over the bureau. In Comey his fear has been realized.

He now accuses the president of trying to get him to stop investigating the allegations of an improper relationship between Russia and former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. There is no record of him reporting this to his superiors at the Justice Department as required by law. His only evidence is personal notes from the meeting.

It seems to have escaped Mr. Comey that his own behavior during the past year has been hardly reassuring. I am no fan of Hillary Clinton but she is right in suggesting his erratic decisions may have cost her the election.

What is being used against President Trump is an effective tactic known as isolate, intimidate until they capitulate. It was used by General Grant to force of the surrender the Army of Northern Virginia ending the War Between the States.  It was successfully used by the commander of the North Vietnamese Army General Nguyen Giap against the United States.

Giap described it as the Elephant versus the Tiger. The elephant is bigger and stronger but the tiger attacks quickly and unexpectedly until elephant becomes worn down and ineffective.

I suspect the New York Times, and Washington Post are loaded to the teeth and poised to strategically release numerous stories attributed to confidential sources hoping to force the President into permanent defense.  And unlike the President critics such as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi can daily contradict themselves without fear of accountability.

The intention is for those who support the President to grow weary and stand docilely by while he is impeached. But I would be cautious if I were a Washington politician.

Along with your partners in the main stream media you missed the phenomena that elected Donald Trump.  Your arrogant disconnect rendered you incapable of understanding the people are not as gullible and as easily deceived as you believe. They understand you are not irreplaceable; something which seems to have escaped you.

You may discover the seeds of revolution have been sown and the fire you set has only begun.

Ladson F. Mills III is a former Marine Corps Line Officer and Navy Chaplain. He is retired and lives with his wife on Johns Island, South Carolina. He is a regular contributor to The Covert Letter and Virtueonline.