La La Land is no Longer a Movie

Mr. O’s Left-Over Chutzpah Legacy, Media War

‘There is only one reason to believe something and that’s because it is true.’
C.S. Lewis

By Ladson F. Mills III

A nation that no longer requires accountability from its leaders is in grave peril. With all the attention directed toward President Donald Trump it is easy to overlook the disaster of his predecessor Barrack Obama.

The world is a more dangerous place than before Mr. Obama took office. America is neither feared by enemies nor

Ladson F. Mills III, essayist and author.

Ladson F. Mills III, essayist and author.

respected by friends. But one thing about Mr. Obama cannot be denied; he is a true believer. He believes everything that he believes to be true.

His signature Affordable Care Act failed and must now be rescued before it implodes. His promise that if we liked our health care plan we could keep it was duplicitous.

The much-touted provision that allows children under age twenty-six to remain on their parent’s healthcare plans was smoke and mirrors. It unmasks the failed economic policies which produced fewer jobs that could afford employee benefits.

He was forced to admit that his shovel ready infrastructure program was mostly fanciful thinking.

The IRS targeted organizations and individuals who differed with him politically. A complacent media ignored influence placed on the Justice Department to stop the FBI from investigating the Clinton Foundation and the Russian election meddling. The Justice Department was ordered not to enforce immigration laws Mr. Obama didn’t like.

It was Obama who first declared war on the media. Granted he was more polished than Mr. Trump, but the concept is the same. Just ask Jim Rosen of Fox News who was targeted.

Underplayed was the open mic incident with outgoing Russian President Dimitry Medvedev. Mr. Obama was overheard sending a message to incoming President Vladimir Putin: ‘tell Vladimir that when I am elected I will have more flexibility.’ He was requesting Putin to allow him additional time to cave on a missile agreement so that he would not appear to be weak.

We just witnessed the effectiveness of his Red Line regarding Syria’s use of weapons of mass destruction.

And who can forget presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett’s observation that his oft perceived distraction was because he is too brilliant to deal with mundane issues. The sort of things for which one is elected president.

Let me not be negative only. The Trump Administration could use some of Obama’s chutzpah; especially Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Rather than recuse himself he should have claimed that he and the Russian Ambassador only discussed travel, grandchildren and golf. You know like Attorney General Loretta Lynch did when she and former President Clinton tried to hide their thirty- minute meeting while Mrs. Clinton was under investigation.

But this pales compared to the line now crossed that will forever change the nation. It is becoming increasingly likely a former president and senior members of his administration are actively working to bring down a successor.

The attacks against President Trump seemed suspiciously well coordinated and began much too quickly. This was more than the Clinton staff removing the W’s from the White House key boards as a slap his against successor George W. Bush. This is planned and concerted effort to topple the 45th President of the United States.

The names once mentioned quietly are at last exposed and President Trump was right to call out his predecessor. It was gutsy move and if he is correct it will become the fight of the century.

Senator Lindsey Graham stated that if the accusations are true it will lead to a Constitutional crisis bigger than Watergate. The difference is that during Watergate there were members of Congress willing to place the good of the nation above partisanship. This is something that cannot be assured today.

Columbia University Sociologist C. Wright Mills observed about the U.S. Congress ‘… fundamental issues never come to the point of any decisions…but are structured to be stalemated rather than resolved.’

fingerprintThe entire Russian hacking has provided a convenient Red Herring, if you will forgive the pun, for Congressional incompetence. Anyone who served in the military during the cold war or read Hedrick Smith’s epic The Russians would not be surprised. Putin is doing what Russians always do; playing chess while Americans and its allies play checkers.

In 2008 when Russia invaded the nation of Georgia two things became clear. George W. Bush responded with tough rhetoric unmatched by action. And the Russian military while brutal was woefully ill-equipped for the task.

Putin used the following decade to assure that Western Europe became dependent on Russian Gas. When Crimea was invaded in 2015 the response from the West was the same, but the Russian Army is now different. Flush with European cash and state of the art equipment it is much more formidable.

Putin is not our friend and he will push until he experiences real resistance. This does not mean that he cannot be a useful ally especially in dealing with Iran, China and North Korea.

The Congress has very cleverly re-framed the argument to cover its failure to protect the American people. All that has been exposed by the calls for investigations into the Russian hacking is the irresponsible and incompetent leadership that placed us in this position.

President Trump was correct to expose that his campaign was targeted by US intelligence with the tacit approval of his predecessor. FBI Director James Comey’s rush to ask Congress not to investigate the allegations is suspicious.
Former Defense Intelligence Agency head James Clapper previously lied under oath to Congress concerning improper data gathering. His latest comment: ‘nothing matching Trump’s claim had taken place’ is eerily Clintonian in specificity.

I did not originally believe Mr. Obama or his senior associates would be so careless as to leave fingerprints. But Susan Rice has a history of arrogant disingenuousness as witnessed by her Benghazi interviews. She went on national television to deliberately mislead the American people. Ms. Rice has never before dealt with the inconvenience of being held accountable. But now is different.

It is time for those responsible to be punished regardless of who they are.

Ladson F. Mills III is a former Marine Corps Line Officer and Navy Chaplain. He is retired and lives with his wife on Johns Island, South Carolina. He is a regular contributor to The Covert Letter and Virtueonline.

Gassing vs. Bombs and Bullets

By Harry M. Covert

I am commiserating with the ongoing tragedy in Syria. Incredibly, the chemical warfare that killed so many innocents has far surpassed the pale of evil some have called war crimes.How devastating it is for the free world to wring its hands at the indiscriminate murders, gassing and executions in that Middle East land.Why does it take pictures of gassed people to inflame us? The tragic news photos of beheadings over the past years have been just as startling as the chemical warfare. The alarms have been blaring.

Why is the use of chemicals so astonishing? Aren’t bullets and bombs just as murderous? Of course.

All talk about the “rules of war” is nonsense. Okay, there’s the Geneva Convention. High technological advances include improvised explosive devices (IED) that blow up civilian and military vehicles, leavings soldiers dead and maimed.

The continuing wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria have faced the world a long time. The United States has been in the forefront of battling the rogue nations and obvious enemies. The nation has paid incredible prices trying to bring peace in dollars and lives.

Leaders in Washington are always saying and promoting that the national treasury is broke, yet they always find billions of dollars to overcome the world’s most evil countries.

Elementary on the world stage? No. The reality of the ongoing wars is “war crimes” continue. There is no end in sight. The USA’s best and brightest women and men are giving their lives, talents and treasures in efforts to make a safe world.

It is more fun to talk about local issues instead of gassings, beheadings and religious fighting. In Frederick County, Maryland, the battles rage over “tasting rooms” for the burgeoning beer, wine and spirits industries. No one seems to be shooting and killing over boozing, to use an old time slang word. Beer halls and beer joints. Of course, the day of prohibition of spirits has long gone. No cries from Protestant leaders are vocal these days.

We keep hearing what sounds as braggadociosness of the highest order that the U.S. is the most powerful nation and leader of the world. True. Yet all this strength and dominance seems muted.

No, this nation doesn’t like or want war, but it sure is willing to suffer losses in attempts to cajole dictators to be nice.

Watching the chemical warfare in Syria this week certainly makes us cry. It is disgusting that peace loving countries put up with the likes of Syria’s Assad and North Korea’s Kim Jung Un and others who keep their killing machines in high gear.

Frankly, dealing with these international killers is absurd? Dealing with them is impossible, comparable to making love to snakes, alligators and sharks, etcetera. You get my point.

There are those who like to compare the Mideast religious fights to the Protestant-Catholic wars of the past. Americans need history lessons concerning the Sunni/Shiite sects.

There’s no sense beating around the bush. That dispute, to characterize it nicely, will never be solved. Debate it but it won’t happen.

That may be unpleasant to read, but people like Assad and the likes must be removed, knocked off, killed. To talk about their war crimes, their crimes against humanity and such is unnecessary and ineffective.

There’s no reason to keep putting up with these awful people. How should we deal with gassers, executioners and their ilk? It’s an easy answer: stop talking and use available means once and for all. Eliminate the despicable killers.

Harsh. Of course it is. It would save millions of innocents.

Time to recall these words:

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” George Santayana.

This column,  written before U.S. missiles landed in Syria, appeared in The Tentacle on Friday April 7, 2017.