History, Maturity and Secession

The Craziness Continues

 By Harry M. Covert

Three items are on today’s agenda. As has been mentioned so many times in these parts, memorials of Confederate personages continue to be written out of history, as if the antebellum and reconstruction periods never occurred.

Number two involves what some grownups and adults refer to as the immature kiddies who call themselves students at Frederick’s Hood College. Internet code is LMAO.

Number three, from the Left Coast, a federal judge has temporarily ruled Mr. Trump’s government can’t deny money to those states and cities in the Pacific area who hide lawbreakers of the highest order behind the miasma of sanctuaries.

Specifically criminals in violation of federal laws can operate without fear, giving a one finger salute to taxpayers and justice enforcers and keep on their merry criminal ways.

Those who enjoy the history of the nation are not knuckleheads or meanies. There are lots of unpleasant matters that happened in the founding and growth of the nation. Because we learn from the past is no reason to keep denying it. Most people love to visit Gettysburg and Williamsburg. If these wonderful historic cities are offensive to anyone, so be it.

No one living today was around during those days.

There are plenty of modern day carpetbaggers who think it’s their bounden duty to destroy the South. Lots of good southerners want to exhibit kindness and courtesy to the invaders.

A few days ago New Orleans, under cover of darkness with armed guards, removed a General Robert E. Lee memorial with three to go. Stand at attention!

A movement is underway in Richmond (VA) and some other communities to wipe away vestiges of the Confederate States of America. It can be recalled Virginia’s Capitol was once the Capitol of the CSA.

Monday past was CSA Memorial Day. Only Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi officially observed the day. Five other states commemorate – fearfully – the day in various forms. Wreaths were placed at a confederate cemetery in Danville, VA.

All the above is history and worthy to be remembered.

In Frederick, the bust of county lawyer and resident Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney and the bust of Maryland’s first governor Thomas Johnson have been removed from what some call City Hall Square to accommodate critics.

Hood College attenders got all offended by the student Republican club supporting the new president, opposing abortion and other conservative issues. Actually it was a display by the club for all to see. Oh, free speech got in the way of the infantile and some administrators and faculty.

Terrible, of course.

Now the rest of the country favors law and order for the common good. But no, a federal judge Tuesday ordered that federal billions of dollars must flow to West Coast sanctuaries. There are other ways to overturn the judicial interference.

As far as New Orleans is concerned, no more gumbo and etouffee or Bourbon street from these part.

At Hood College, it’s embarrassing that Free expression is threatened.

On the West Coast bordering the Pacific Ocean, it must be time for California to secede from the Union – as some have wanted for some time – and join with Mexico.

Facetious, of course, but with the continuing invasion from south of the border, the illegals can have their way. Does the rest of the U.S. need California?


This column has appeared in The Tentacle. Copyright (c) 2017 Harry M. Covert