The Road to Bigger and More Catastrophic Things

By Harry M. Covert

Let’s talk about chaos. No, not the James Bond movie but the mobocracy, or bedlam, or pandemonium, or unruliness underway throughout the land. Add to these ill-manners, no etiquette and plain and simple indiscriminate crime.

The above is a mouthful. Who can deny chaos and meanness have become confused? It’s on purpose, too.

The tragedies resulting from indiscriminate talk, street violence, the widespread murders and shootings are now at extreme proportions. It’s the landscape.

The tragic Easter weekend murders around the nation have added to the growing chaos. It’s easy to blame social media and the Internet for the breakdown of law and order. Not so.

It’s easy to say election of a non-politician as president is to blame. How dumb.

While elections always show differences, there is no rule that only professional politicians, political hacks (meaning public relations sycophants and vassals) can obfuscate the rights of citizens.

The above meaning is that everybody – red, yellow, black, brown and white – have a right in this Republic to choose leaders. These people can be eastern elites, Okies from Muskogee, old time farmers, good old boys and girls from wherever, or from any segment. There are plenty more unusual constituents not known but who abide by traditions. They count.

Where am I heading with this?

Free speech gives everybody rights to stand on a corner and espouse opinions, even idiocies so prevalent today.

Locales are affected by current lawlessness and chaos. As communities prepare more rounds of elections, do disputes need to become criminal? Well, they probably will unless wild talk isn’t curbed.

Since “experts” abound in our media outlets, when does civility return to normalcy? Can they lead? Varieties of opinion are always welcome and interesting. When these differences lead to shootings and knifings and made up consternations it’s time for alarm.

The supposed public airways and printed publications have become cesspools of images, talk and bad conduct. Dare anyone call down producers of such rot, they are demeaned as intolerant, racists, rubes, closed-minded and violators of constitutional freedoms.

It’s no wonder lots of innocents succumb to ills promoted in popular television programs or movies. Too many don’t know the difference between fiction and reality. Another tragedy in this is many so-called leaders are confused by truth and lies, manners, good taste, bluster, and make believe.

Chaos is not limited to life of today. But, the ongoing chaos is on the road to bigger and more catastrophic things. The joy of political competition may be fun, but it’s bitter and hateful.

The way it looks is “fight fire with fire.” On second thought its use a blow torch, keep your head down and your powder dry, “fire when you are ready.”◄◄◄◄◄

This column has appeared in The Tentacle.