America Under Siege: The conspiracy to remove President Trump

‘We’re not going to live under that man for four years’ 
-- Maxine Waters (Democrat California Congresswoman)

By Ladson F. Mills III

The American Republic is under siege. Bloomberg columnist Eli Lake commenting on Michael Flynn’s departure stated ‘Flynn is only the appetizer. Trump is the entrée.’ It may be much worse than Lake describes.

In asking the question, ‘what did the president know and when did he know it?’, it appears the President in question should be Barrack Obama rather than Donald Trump.

Ladson F. Mills III, essayist and author.

Ladson F. Mills III, essayist and author.

Townhall is reporting names which up to now were only quietly being whispered for being involved in the national security leaks sabotaging the Trump presidency. If proven to be true it implicates the senior ranks of the Obama Administration.

And this would not be the first time that senior Obama officials have chosen to go rogue.

Investigative Journalist Seymour Hersh, who gained recognition during the Vietnam War for exposing the 1967 My Lai Massacre, has exposed a conspiracy which implicates the Obama Joint Chiefs of Staff. In a 2016 article ‘Military to Military’ featured in The London Review of Books he reveals that under General Martin Dempsey they deliberately circumvented the President’s policy to topple the Assad regime by arming Syrian rebel forces

The senior generals believed the decision to arm non-vetted Syrian rebels would inevitably result in disaster and negatively impact national security. Dempsey walked a fine line between obeying the letter of the president’s policy while quietly working around him and sharing information with the Russians.

Dempsey reportedly expressed frustration over the president’s continued refusal to accept any advice from his generals. The magnitude of this decision and the overwhelming support from the entire Joint Chiefs cannot be underplayed. It was under reported in America.

This would help to explain Obama’s open contempt for the military and his controversial decisions concerning the last Army Secretary. He appointed an openly gay man who had never served in any capacity in the military.  It was intended to publicly embarrass the Army.

It raises serious questions as to why the American Press ignored the story. Was it to protect Mr. Obama’s reputation and standing at home?

As disturbing as this is it pales in comparison to the implications if former or current senior officials have knowledge or responsibility for the leaks. Two intelligence agencies intentionally trying to topple a standing president would be unprecedented.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters may be responsible for exposing the plan. Waters  is regularly designated by Citizens for Responsibility for Ethics and Waste as one of the most corrupt members of Congress. This is why her new-found concern over Putin and Russia seems so out of character. Waters made many trips to Cuba and has gone as far as to praise Fidel Castro for supporting those who, ‘flee political persecution.’

So, when Nancy Pelosi appeared visibly annoyed at a recent news conference where Waters openly threatened to impeach President Trump Pelosi’s response was written off as embarrassment over “Waters being Waters”.  Maybe not.

Pelosi’s reaction may reveal knowledge of something deeper. Water’s outburst may have exposed knowledge of a plan to assure that President Trump is never given a chance. The conspiracy to oust him may have been implemented before he took office and by his predecessor’s senior leadership.

Radical leftist and Democrats may be leading the way but they are being helped by establishment conservatives.  Bill Kristol, son of conservative icon Irving Kristol characterized the white workers who voted for Trump as lazy.  His comment seems particularly cold coming from a wealthy, Harvard-educated, trust-fund baby. David Brooks the token New York Times conservative has become the lefts Dump Trump movement’s court jester.

The conspiracy to remove President Trump is not just a slap in the face of those who voted for him. It is borders on treason and those engaged it must be exposed and punished.

President Trump was naïve to believe that elected officials would place the welfare of the nation above personal gain.  At the end of the day their primary concern is power, control and re-election.

America is under siege and make no mistake about it. If those planning to impeach Mr. Trump are allowed success the republic as we know it has ended.

Maxine Waters once described violence as ‘spontaneous reaction to injustice.’ Well, congresswoman back home there is a saying, you bought it, you own it, and now you must live with it.

That’s the problem with revolutions. Once unleashed one can never be sure where they will end.

Ladson F. Mills III is a former Marine Corps Line Officer and Navy Chaplain. He is retired and lives with his wife on Johns Island, South Carolina. He is a regular contributor to The Covert Letter and Virtueonline.

Putin’s Maritime Spy-boys Visit

By Harry M. Covert

The Russians are coming. The Russians are coming. Let’s update this. Seriously it’s the “Hunt for Red February,” and the vessel was 70 miles off the Delaware coast.  A spy ship.

Don’t be surprised. At least the Russkies aren’t near the Monocacy River in Frederick, the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore or

The Viktor Leonov...just visiting as Russian spy-ship.

The Viktor Leonov…just visiting as Russian spy-ship.

Fort McHenry.

I didn’t forget. The 300-foot ship is a Russian Meridian-class warship CCB-175 Viktor Leonov. This Vishnya-class ship is used for spying.

Anti-Trumpians are trying to make a big deal out of the visitor in international waters. For the record, this particular boat is no stranger to eyeing the U.S. It’s up and down the Atlantic Coast many times, at least since 2014. Its first port of call was Havana three years ago where it visits often.

Apparently the Viktor Leonov is well known among the intelligence community. Vladimir Putin’s maritime minions are expected to head north to zero in on Mr. Trump’s Navy sub base at New London, Connecticut. Then returns to Cuba, not to Guantanamo Bay, however.
Visiting the American east coast from a safe distance is nothing new. This current matter is just another test of Mr. Trump’s mettle. Of course, the ninnies running hither and yon are rather fearful the new administration may take a heavy hand.

Then there’s the dwarfish North Korean runt launching another missile, a new type this time. I expect if this continues a strong smack in the nose will materialize. I hope so. Why fool around with a killer? Why waste any supposed diplomacy?

International ships are not strangers to the American coast line. As far back as WWII, German warships and U-boats were often seen off Florida, Nags Head, North Carolina, and Long Island, New York. Many American Merchant ships and several others were torpedoed and men sunk a few miles off the coast before the situation was reversed.

The spy boats have the equipment to check on activities. Incidentally the American navy has numerous vessels collecting sensitive information around the world. Satellites and computers come in handy.

Who knows what the Russians have collected from their sea-based surveillance? No sense in being naive here. All the gabble of the new administration telephone talking to the Russian embassy is rather weak. Minority electeds are merely in the smearing business. What else can they do except squeal like stuck pigs?

The anti-Trumpians are enjoying pitching for scandals. It’s been noticeable that lots of public officials don’t like enforcing laws already on the books, specifically now that a new administration is changing things.

So, a private citizen spoke numerous times with a foreign official? Everyday American business leaders, missionaries and relief
workers, to name a few, speak regularly with heads of state and ambassadors.

How else are contacts made? Gen. Michael Flynn, the national security advisor, lost his position for possibly prevaricating.
A number of congressional leaders, with help of some “leftovers,” got their pounds of flesh, forcing the president to lose a key man.

The sad thing is how often senators and representatives are caught in “stretchers.” This avoids use of the word “liars.” Not nice or dignified. They have gall and regularly elucidate untruths and half-truths with straight faces.
The Kremlin’s intelligence gatherers are listening for certain. I don’t put much stock that they are better or smarter than our “covert” operators.