When Did Child Abuse Become Tolerated?


‘In the world of celebrity the hierarchy of publicity has replaced the hierarchy of descent and even great wealth.’ (C. Wright Mills, Columbia University Sociologist)

If a rose by any other name would smell as sweet’, child abuse whether sexual, physical or verbal stinks. But being on the accepted side of politics apparently means never having to say you’re sorry. Even when it involves child abuse.

While women marched in protest of Donald Trump and asserted that their anatomy will grab back, NBC’s Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich achieved a new low. Rich used her twitter account to attack the ten-year-old son of the new president. The silence from the liberal establishment when Daniel Goldstein harassed Ivanka Trump on an airplane in front of her children suggests indifference. The lack of outrage and even support expressed for the abuse directed at Barron Trump is cowardly and beneath contempt.

Where is the outrage from the outrage community? Are children of public figures now legitimate targets for cowardly venting of hatred?

Rich was eventually ‘suspended indefinitely’ from SNL (whatever that means) but is this enough?  She received support from Second City CEO Andrew Alexander who tweeted, ‘we got your back’ while Producer Dan Harmon offered her a job.  Actor Michael McKean echoed his support for her as well.

It received no mention during the recent women’s march. One might surmise that Madonna whose public struggles with son Rocca are well documented might have expressed sympathy. She of all people should understand the stresses faced by children of the famous. Perhaps she was too busy touting the ‘love’ that prevented her from ‘blowing up the White House’ to issue a comment.

What emerges is more than a massive hissy fit by a group of the overindulged and spoiled who are angry at not getting their way. It reveals a necessity for Donald Trump’s seemingly harsh strategy.

Like many I would have preferred a more gentle and conciliatory tone for his Inaugural Address, but clearly it would have been wasted.  Faced with such seething hatred, playing nice makes no difference. Just ask the mainstream media.

Obama Administration advisor Ben Rhodes created a furor last year in admitting to the New York Times Magazine the administration’s open contempt and disdain for the Washington Press Corps. They were regarded as young, naïve and not very good at their jobs. They can dish it out but are unable take it if the new administration’s first official press briefing is any indicator.

After years of laziness reporting rumors as fact and unabashed partisanship, they bristled at being held accountable. With too many ways to learn the truth they are no longer able to filter the news. And clearly the new President is capitalizing on this massive lack of credibility.

The press, however, is not alone.  No one is held accountable if they are deemed as having the right ideology. Departing CIA Director John Brennan’s recent criticism that President Trump’s negative comments about the intelligence community risk credibility with our allies is a prime example

I have sad news for Brennan; it would appear that ship sailed long ago. President Obama’s imploring Mr. Putin to should stop hacking our websites is a good indicator of our standing in the world. We are neither feared by enemies nor respected by friends.

Even Iran feels emboldened to act against us with impunity. During their brief captivity last spring ten American Navy crewmen were photographed kneeling in submission before their capturers. At other times they were forced into pretending to enjoy their ‘gracious humane treatment.’ The officer in charge went as far as to describe the treatment of his crew as ‘fantastic’ despite the lone female crewmember being forced to wear a head scarf as required by Islamic law.

Despite this hostile act designed to publicly humiliate the country there was no credible response. But President Obama alone is not responsible for these inadequacies.

Critics of President Trump’s attitude toward Russia seem unaware this could be taken from FDR’s World War II’s relationship with Joseph Stalin. Russia posed a similar strategic threat then as they do now but the defeat of Nazi Germany was deemed to be more critical.  Iran, China and radical Islam are more immediate threats and any wedge driven between them and Mr. Putin is useful. It is the same rationale behind the Obama administration’s normalization of the relationship with Cuba.

This is the world facing our new President.  As Margaret Thatcher observed ‘…the medicine is harsh but the patient requires it to live.’ And should one should think such observations are hyperbole.

An adult employed by NBC, and SNL, attacked a ten-year-old child and only received suspension from employment.  Her hate speech was tolerated. Ideology has not only replaced morality but reality as well.

Just listen to the deafening silence and lack of outrage.<



Ladson F. Mills III is a former Marine Corps Line Officer and Navy Chaplain. He is retired and lives with his wife on Johns Island, South Carolina. He is a contributor to The Covert Letter and Virtueonline.

Executive Orders: How Nice


Some words need to be scrapped for a while. Consider these for example: “amazing”, “great”, “wonderful”, “lies”, “left-wingers”, “right-wingers”, “progressives”, “absolutely” and “alt-righters.” Oh, “frauds” and “pollsters” too. There are numerous others but these will do for a short time. A respite, please.

In no way is this suggestion to gag free speech. What would I do? It’s the monotonous use that’s fretful. Say it, turn off the radios and televisions, and listen to some good music. Good idea. I’m ignoring satellite radio also for a while.

This could be a personal executive order and includes us commentators, bull-shooters, sportswriters (that will be difficult for sure) and proper newspaper reporters. Scribblers on what’s called social media ought to pay attention but probably won’t.

All of the constant talk about executive orders does bring to mind some interesting things to discuss. It can be remembered that Teddy Roosevelt, the cowboy, Rough Rider extraordinaire, created the incredible U.S. Park Service by the stroke of his dip pen. That sure created a century of special presidential signatures and avoided the Congress.  We are well aware that body is a co-equal branch of the federal government. These houses often create havoc for The Resident in the Manse on Pennsylvania Avenue in the Capitol City. Let’s not forget the solons, sages and legislators. Solons isn’t used much these days. Not sophisticated enough perhaps. All the members of the House and Senate today love to wear lapel pins giving them status, at least for the Capitol Police.

The matters of executive orders on state and local governing levels are popular too. They are tools to supercede or ignore wishes of elected office holders.

Madam County Executive in Frederick, Maryland apparently hasn’t been too active in overriding the county council where she enjoys a majority. She hasn’t been completely out of ink. I do recall the battle over some ethics. Ms. Gardner disputed Councilman Kirby Delauter’s favorable ethics board ruling after a three-month study. With the stroke of a pen or computer delete button, the decision was overturned the next morning.

My researcher has unearthed another executive order involving the county council. Several teachers in the pay of the county public schools also received favorable ethics result on whether the teacher-council members can vote on the budget and their salaries. The executive allowed this to stand. Mr. Delauter’s private company can’t bid on county projects. Should I mention that the teacher-council members are in the Democrat majority? Mr. Delauter is in the minority. His sin is being an elected Republican.

The county’s chief executive pulled off an early order by returning funds paid to the Sheriff’s Office for the Baltimore riot assistance. Local deputies and Frederick City Police bolstered law enforcement during the Charm City civil disobedience. Sounds better than civil unrest and rioting.  Each was reimbursed for time and expenses. Helping out poor old Baltimore cost local taxpayers almost $50,000. City police kept their dollars as they should have.

Executive orders certainly can be used for good and right things. Naturally it depends on who’s ox is being gorged or helped.

I have been astonished to learn that Maryland is a sanctuary state along with a bunch of others, like the left coast. There are two sides to every coin, borrowing an oft-used phrase. I do endorse cutting off federal funds to localities who ignorantly won’t enforce laws already on the books. Citizens don’t get a refuge from those worrisome traffic violations or smoking in public. A visitor to the nation or any location hereabouts only faces threats if they violate laws. Okay, these can be haggled at a later date. I just hope no disastrous felonies like rapes and robberies and murders occur any time soon. Some notice was made a couple of days ago where two men stopped for a traffic violation were in possession of loaded automatic pistols. They apparently didn’t know they couldn’t have weapons. City police were able to arrest them. Would you believe they were felons?

Well, shock and awe seems en route. Illegal or not, laws must be obeyed even if not liked. It would be nice if a presidential executive order would be nice to send half of the congressional membership home.

I know laws will continue to be enforced in Frederick City and County and hopefully around the Free State too. “Great”, “amazing”, “wonderful”!<

This column has appeared in The Tentacle.