New Political Hieroglyphics Coming

By Harry M. Covert

THERE IS NO GOOD REASON here to resurrect events of the past 16th year of the 21st century. Neither is there any idea for resolutions over the next 12 months.
The reason? Just the same old same old. At year ends and new beginnings all of us scribes and Pharisees are forced to come up with clever verbiage for our brilliant readers. From the email bag I have a few faithful followers. Some are extremely witty, a couple more are anonymously cute, scornful and offer suggestions with some off-color scribbles.
To be frank it’s the latter that grab attention. This desk isn’t the only wordsmith getting nasty informative notes. Now and then over the past entrées here, some communicators do sign their real names. I like and enjoy them all. It’s part of the game.
There is an urge to have a rude retort. That ain’t nice for a “responsible” commenter.
One sweet reader said our words weren’t worth two cents. I asked “why does everything have to include a dollar mark?” I’m making excuses. Some folks just don’t know the difference between wit and shinola.
Another responder suggested writing more about local politics in a sane and proper manner. I do believe that would be nice. Over the course of this year the public will be accosted with Trumpian style hieroglyphics. I can’t wait.
Think I’m kidding here? I’ve been “researching” the future of local and Free State maneuvers. The smart set is eager to get started. While Maryland’s governor hasn’t kissed the ring of the new firebrand riding in on his golden stallion, he and his wizards believe they can cash in on his style.
Ladies and gentlemen you’re in for fiery and exciting campaigns in coming days and weeks. Gosh, the news fraternity is jumping with joy. Me too.
Hopefully, all those political minions putting the arm on donors for campaign cash should not ignore paid advertisements and commercials, regularly.
Let me remind the pros to make ad buys in local newspapers, radio and television outlets and, internet news sites. This is an alert.
Politicians have received free rides from local and state media. It isn’t fair. The ins and would-bes like to viciously attack reporters who mention them all the time and don’t take time for a little schmoozing and making advertising buys.
Citizens deserve to know all about their leaders, warts and all. That’s the price of being first among equals, ambition and keys to the public trea$ury.
The pols always like to talk about free rides in the public sectors and expect the same themselves in the press of various forms.
What’s wrong with local prints getting city and county paid public ads? Nothing! I keep haranguing about growing disrespect of media.
Here’s a reminder. It’s been proven time and time again, keeping the public blind to daily government activities is not only dangerous but leads to felonious deeds in the name of public service.
Any doubts? Merely check around. Residents know truth is always discovered.
The stage is set. I’d wager the state is keeping eyes on candidates for Frederick County offices. Probably plenty of money will be infused in local goings-on.
The pots are boiling. You heard it here first. I’m keeping these emails on a separate thumb drive. Further, in answer to another wag, I’m working on improving my attitude. ◄◄◄◄

This column has appeared in The Tentacle.