‘Be silent, wretch, and think not here allow’d

That worst of tyrants, an usurping crowd’

The Illiad


Years of conditioning by a politically correct power elite is taking its toll. As the author Gore Vidal observed, ‘as societies grow decadent the language grows decadent, too. Words are used to disguise not to illumine… Words, are used to confuse, so that at election time people will solemnly vote against their own best interest.’


       Ladson F. Mills III

If our nation was less reactive and more reflective we might see that values now replace ideology as political identify. It would be morning in America, instead of mourning for America. This is a sad consequence of relying on indoctrination rather than education. The reaction against Donald Trump’s unprecedented election was predictable. After decades of living under a government that is driven by lobbyist and major financial donors the political class will not go quietly into the night.

 Middle class Americans had become irrelevant until our votes were necessary or our children needed to fight wars. Other times, we were expected to bite our tongues and stuff frustration. Failure to know one’s place meant being labeled as unenlightened and uneducated. When at last after being branded deplorable by the very people whose salaries are paid through our taxes enough was enough.

Deplorable is an interesting term. I can never recall it’s use on my income tax bill. No one ever remotely suggested there was anything deplorable about my thirty years of active and reserve military service. I can never remember the term applied to my son when he was sent to war three times. But then the power elite were never present when as a chaplain, I stood over the flag draped coffins of those killed defending the country.

That’s the problem with being deplorable. There is a tendency to see reality as it is and not as you are told it should be.

There was much unmasked by the recent election such as two sets of laws, one for public servants and another for regular citizens.  It appears the Justice Department no longer feels the need for any pretense of fairness. Even the integrity of the FBI has become suspect.

One activist referred to the election outcome as a ‘whitelash’ against an African-American President. I gather he is unaware that African-Americans comprise thirteen percent of the population while Mr. Obama currently enjoys an approval rating of fifty-four percent.

This same man asked what can be said to his children about the election results? The truth might be worth considering. Tell them that in the 1960’s Martin Luther King had a dream that one day his children would live in a country where they would be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. Seems like that dream has arrived when a president’s performance and popularity are separated from his race.

The mainstream media has proved lacking. The New York Times was forced to issue an apology to its readers for its unabashed and highly unprincipled partisanship   CNN talking head Donna Brazile was caught feeding the debate questions to Hillary Clinton. Brazile originally denied the accusations invoking her Christianity as proof of innocence until it was discovered she had done so on additional occasions. She was joined in her questionable practices by fellow CNN reporters Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer who sought help from the Democratic establishment for questions to ask Donald Trump.

 Democratic Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders now proclaims that he will oppose any actions that he believes to be sexist, racist, or xenophobic. Does Sanders truly believe this to be worthy of a press release? Perhaps he has forgotten the cabal by his party’s leadership to deny him the nomination. Perhaps he hopes no one had noticed how soon he flipped and quickly lock stepped with the people who cheated him when it became expedient.

 Any ‘Berne’ supporters were supposed to ‘feel’  from flames of disappointment. Sanders was exposed as less outsider than just another career politician.

If we are serious about learning from this election, Charles Hurt of the Washington Times has some perceptive observations.  He notes that it is very hard for any political party to realistically combine the needs of unemployed factory workers with those black lives matter activist. ‘And thein lies the rub.’

America has become too large and diverse to be effectively served by two political parties. If there is any sincerity in the celebrate diversity rhetoric, it must now be reflected in our political system.  Bernie Sanders may be self-deluded but his supporters are not. If Senator Elizabeth Warren is truthful in her offer to work with the President-elect in putting people back to work, then crony-capitalist Democrats have less in common with Sanders supporters than with supporters of Donald Trump.

 Republicans will also need to confront their own issues. Right wing ideologues Bill Kristol and George Will bemoan the loss of philosophical conservatism in the Republican Party because they failed to grasp the impact of the experiential conservatives who currently identify with the GOP.  Experiential conservatives vote Republican because its policies are effective, but unlike ideologues will support liberal solutions when they are better.

For those who threaten to leave the country, the last time I looked the borders were open. Perhaps there is room on the private jets of the movie stars who have yet to leave as promised. However, if the unhappy rioters can tear themselves away from their self-serving destruction they might benefit from reading Eldridge Cleaver’s Soul On Ice.

 Unlike petulant modern safe-space posers who are unable to bear any rejection or hurt feelings Eldridge Cleaver, a former high ranking member of the Black Panthers, was a true radical and revolutionary. He fled to Cuba in 1968 to avoid prosecution for the attempted murder of police officers. While in Cuba the Castro government treated him as a celebrity. However, in 1975 he voluntarily returned to the United States and accepted his punishment. During his time as a guest of communist dictatorships around the world he discovered their true intent was the suppression of the people. As a result he came to appreciate all that was good about America and to repudiate violence.

The old days of freely dictating and disparaging those who work hard to support this nation ended on November 8th with the election of Donald Trump.  If Hillary had been elected, we would be told to at least give her a chance.

Donald Trump deserves the same.

Anything less would be a true tragedy of this election.<

Ladson F. Mills III is retired and lives on Johns Island, South Carolina. He is a former Marine Corps Line Officer and Navy Chaplain. He is a regular contributor to Virtueonline and The Covert Letter.