Beltway Elite Divorced from Reality?

“Spare us from bleeding heart luvvies…who lecture us…while jetting off from mansion to mansion.”  — CHRISTOPHER HART


By Ladson F. Mills III 

It was no surprise to learn that football player and social protest poster child Colin Kaepernick recently made the cover of Time magazine. The real surprise was in discovering that Time is still around.

Kaepernick’s image will now be joined with such notables as Hitler, Stalin, Ayatollah Khomeini, Yasser Arafat, Al Capone and the ever present Vladimir Putin.  If he is what now passes for hard news then the magazine’s declining 3.2 million subscribers might be due a refund.

Washington Post editorial board member Charles Lane titled his recent article, angry voters nullify the truth about Trump, in which describes the Republican nominee as a charlatan. He quotes in support a statement from Senator Elizabeth Warren D-Mass that: ‘Nobody is confused about the difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump…Is she perfect? Of course not. But you’ve got enough information to make the choice.


           Ladson F. Mills III

I gather in quoting Elizabeth Warren that Trump is a charlatan, Lane was engaging in media-speak for it takes one to know one. And therein lays the rub. While Lane suggest that voting for Trump is a misguided attempt by frustrated voters to vent their grievancewith little or no immediate personal risk, he unmasked the real issue. It is not the voters who don’t get it, but the beltway elite who are divorced from reality.

Sir Winston Churchill observed that no matter how great the plan one must eventually look at the outcome. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has been in around for almost fifty years. During her career a scorecard is needed to keep up with the numerous scandals. There is very little of success associated with her time as either a Senator or Secretary of State. She has only tepid support from the hyper-partisan Elizabeth Warren and even Democrats have accepted that she is power seeking, money hungry and pathologically dishonest.

It has recently emerged that both she and her staff appear the recipients of special deals from both the Justice Department and the FBI for immunity in the lost classified emails investigation. Yet, we are told that if we will trust her with the highest office in the land she will now rise to the occasion and act as never before.

Charles Lane is right. A voter would have to be insane not to believe this hype. But only if they have spent too much time in Washington.

Lane’s conservative colleague George Will who renounced his Republican Party affiliation over the nomination of Trump recently wrote an article citing the story of North Carolinian Malcolm McLean who during the great depression bought a used truck and by 1955 had built it into the fifth largest trucking company in country. He was recognized as a pioneer in efficiency and standardization.

The Roy Benjamin Adams Story

But there is a story about McLean that I bet George Will does not know which took place during the late fifties-early- sixties. McLean allowed his trucking contract with Lowenstein’s Printing and Finishing Plant in Rock Hill, South Carolina to be bought out by a rival carrier. As the result my neighbor Roy Benjamin “RB” Adams lost his job.

Mr. Adams had a wife and seven children to support. Luckily for the family Mrs. Adams had a steady job and Mr. Adams was an avid fisherman. He regularly left home at 2:AM to make sure he fished during the best times. His son Dewey remembers eating a lot of bass and brim in those days.

They never considered themselves victims. Two of his sons went on the serve and retire from the United States Army and one daughter became a teacher. Dewey Adams became historian of the Catawba Nation. And it would not be hyperbole to say all seven children have done well.

I have no idea what their voting preferences may be, but I know they are the type of citizens who earned the right to think and vote as they please. Unlike pampered over paid athletes they do not have to fake victimization to gain credibility. Kaepernick along with the press seems to have overlooked that he is not the product of a broken home or ghetto.

The Quarterback, The Marine and The National Anthem

  The Quarterback, The Marine and The National Anthem

Kaepernick’s biological mother was unmarried and lacked the proper resources to raise him. She intentionally sought out a family with financial means, other children and an interest in sports. Although he was of mixed race he was adopted by a white family who raised him in prosperous and loving circumstances.

 And speaking of charlatans. Kaepernick currently earns more than 12 million dollars a year for sitting on the bench.  His new found social conscious only recently emerged as his career declined and he developed a romantic relationship with radio personality and left wing Muslim activist Nessa Diab.

Unlike self-serving politician and faux native American wannabe Elizabeth Warren, Mrs. Adams was the granddaughter of a Catawba Chief.  Yet I can never recall any attempt by the family to manipulate their heritage in order to seek special consideration from the government.  Their major advantage was to have been born to loving parents who taught them hard work, self -sufficiency and a desire to succeed. They are the real deal who truly make America great.

Regular Citizens as Rubes and Deplorables

It is clear that Washington insiders regard regular citizens as rubes. We understand that most secretly agree with Hillary that we are deplorables who only matter when they need our votes, our children to fight wars, or our money at tax time.

We get it.

So Chuck and George here’s an invitation if you just happen to be reading. Get out of Washington and come down to South Carolina. I may treat you to a dinner of bass, brim, and homemade hushpuppies.  Take a chance and see how the real world lives.

It probably won’t change your political opinions. But it just might gain you some credibility.♦♦♦♦♦


Ladson F. Mills, III is retired and lives on Johns Island, South Carolina.  He is a regular contributor to The Covert Letter and Virtueonline.