Has the Nation Achieved Nirvana? 


I have never met anybody who came to this town and left a better man — Senator Orin Hatch

My father was a lifelong non-reconstructed New Deal Yellow Dog Democrat. For those unfamiliar with the term it means if the Democratic Party nominated a yellow dog he would have voted for it. He never quite understood his son’s less than appreciative attitude toward what was once considered to be the party of all the people.

I admit to having been pleasantly surprised by the upbeat all is well messages coming from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this past week. A year ago we were told ISIS was the JV (junior varsity) squad and on the run. Somewhere along the way they got their second wind and became the varsity.

A year we were asked to believe that all police officers were bad and every black male had a bounty on his life. A year ago we were one election away from women being forced into back rooms for illegal abortions. A year ago the rich (Translation: anyone with a steady income greater than the minimum wage) needed to pay their fair share of taxes (Translation: more to the government who will redistribute it.).

But that was then and this is now an election year. We are told that at last all is well and our nation has achieved Nirvana. And according to the President we can have four more years of the very same if we vote for Hillary Clinton.

Regardless of one’s political affiliation Mr. Obama can be forgiven for touting his exceptionally successful record even if the supporting facts are lacking. The Middle East is imploding while Russian and China no longer fear challenging our national interest. The Affordable Health Care has proved to be anything but affordable. The national debt is approaching 20 Trillion with no plan for its reduction.


Yet these are small things in light of all the wonderful achievements we are told. Mr. Obama is not the first nor will he be the last politician to shade his record to have it appear more successful.  No president to my recollection has ever had the integrity to admit to the American people, I had a mixed tenure and just hope I didn’t mess up so bad it can’t be fixed by next poor slob who has to follow me. If such candor ever occurs I will make that my new political party.

My peeve comes from the sheer tedium of having to endure once again the same old used up, vacuous has beens who don’t understand that nobody much cares. Although I am a movie buff does anyone really care what Tony Goldwyn or Meryl Streep think about anything outside of the movie industry?

Carole King is still one of my favorite singers, but she should stick to singing. Her dance moves during her Thursday Night convention appearance could be mistaken for an Elaine Benes dance imitation from a Seinfeld episode.

And there is just something incredibly bizarre when Jessie Jackson lectures on racial healing when Jesse Jackson’s entire livelihood is based on benefitting from racial injustice, either real or manufactured.

Nancy Pelosi informed us that those who oppose her candidate are uneducated white males obsessed by God (which she defines as anti-abortion) guns and gays. Perhaps she might use portion of her 58 million dollar net worth to provide scholarships to these poor uneducated white males who might benefit from her enlightenment.

I gather Pelosi does not believe that 57,762,169 abortions, since the upholding of Roe (v) Wade in 1973 are enough. Perhaps a few million more dead fetuses would ease her concern.


And of course there is the ever present Joe Biden who has done a remarkable job of softening his image over the past few decades. He seems more like a kindly, disengaged goofy old uncle rather than the unpleasant sarcastic smirking presence of the past.  My dislike of him, however is more personal. He regularly vacations where I live tying up traffic and disrupting lives and schedules. I have yet to discover why every police officer in the Charleston tri-county area must arrive hours ahead to monitor roads and intersections when the Biden’s do not depart until well after 3:00 pm.

And is it really necessary to use ten identical black SUV’s? I would be more than happy to give him a lift back to Air Force Two in my old beach car. The air conditioner still works and the radio is exceptional. Anyone seeking his harm would never suspect someone so important would be riding in such a vehicle.  He could prove to the country that unlike Donald Trump, whom he criticized for not understanding average Americans, he is only too happy to spend time with Mr. Average Citizen.  The cost of the gas would be my treat as a good patriotic American. And best of all taxpayers would finally get a real break because I promise not to ask for a tax write off.

There is something annoying about those who travel in special convoys, tie up regular folk for hours and think we are thrilled just to have them acknowledge that we are alive. They receive high salaries, great perks such as 24/365 protection and lecture the rest of us on things we may have missed; such as how safe the world really is how great the economy is doing.  Well it is; for them.

Miss Lillian Carter, mother of President Jimmy Carter, was genuine one of a kind legendary character and I mean that in the best possible way. The Carter’s were a colorful family. Presidential brother Billy invented and marketed his own beer during his brother’s administration, and sister Ruth was in the words of the family a Holy Roller Evangelist. Miss Lillian joined the Peace Corps when she was 68 and spent time in India.

Reflecting on her family during an interview she said to the reporter, Sometimes, when I look at all my children, I say to myself, Lillian you should have stayed a virgin.

When I view the current political situation in our country today, Miss Lillian, I wish the mothers of other politicians had come to the same realization.

Only at a much earlier age, of course!


Ladson F. Mills III is a priest with over thirty year’s pastoral experience. He is retired and lives with Ladson F. Mills IIIhis wife in South Carolina. He currently serves as Scholar in Residence at the Church of Our Saviour, Johns Island. He is a regular contributor to Virtueonline and The Covert Letter.