Driving around Windsor Castle With O

Advice from Across the Way

By Harry M. Covert

In these days of fast changing lifestyles, it is always pleasant to receive

Prince Philip at the wheel


notes from readers. Usually when readers disagree with viewpoints, they are civil.

Some prevailing thought has it that nasty and unkind retorts are better and more palpable.

Well, as has been proven of late, opinionators find it easy and acceptable in these days to tag people with whom they disagree as bigots, racists, and fear-mongers.

I’m not sure how much worse the dividing public discourse will become, but the battle is on for who can be uglier, meaner and downright foolish.

There is so much news going on the “what if” business is hale and hearty.

I discovered I had readers internationally, at least one. That is nice and encouraging. I’ve been a strong Anglophile since a childhood pen pal gifted me with the commemorative coronation book of Queen Elizabeth II.

Seeing ninety-four year old Prince Philip chauffeur Mr. Obama recently at Windsor reminded me of my childhood correspondent Ann Beer of Ramsgate, Kent. We’ve lost touch since those days in 1953 much to my chagrin.


Mr Sweetbottom’s yachting cap badge

The email received came from Galahad Sweetbottom of the Cotswolds.He’s on Twitter and electronic mail. The British do have some unusual surnames. He noted the hope to move to Catoctin, Maryland later this year. That’s near Camp David, the presidential retreat under U.S. Navy command.

He writes:

“Mr  C (Brits don’t use commas abbreviations): You Yanks make things up as issues. Slow down, take a breath. I heard your president got more news talking about bathrooms than all the world crises when he visited the Isles. Did read about London’s new Moslem mayor?”

Mr. Sweetbotttom added: “if you Yanks are confused as to which loo to use, just change the door signs to unisex or LOO.”

My response was “please don’t call me  Yankee, cousin.”

Back to what ifs.

If Frederick Maryland’s planned downtown hotel and convention center was open a few weeks ago, the would be president from “Noo Yawk” could have fired up voters in Frederick instead of Hagerstown and enjoyed more thousands of people and one or two objectors.

It should be noted here that a lone Frederick transgender student was been booted from an earlier blow out at the Weinberg Center at a Cruz appearance. The child he could have received more notoriety from the hard-line Trumpster agents. The cable mavens would have gone berserk.

I wonder who will be first of the new political candidates to start speechifying a-la the dominating man around the county. There will be a few, quite naturally. Just wait.

As silly as this may read, what if Bill Clinton’s wife chose FLOTUS Michelle Obama as running mate? The news would be out of this world and fun for us all.

Consider if, stay with me, Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski was chosen as No. 2; after all, she’s always looked up to Bill Clinton’s devoted spouse.

I’m not through with this. Maybe Governor Larry Hogan, Maryland’s popular governor, could be Mr. D’s man at the Observatory on Massachusetts Avenue.

There is nothing parsimonious about the races. They all talk and prattle about the money crises but spend relentlessly without qualms. My gripe with the spend thrifts they aren’t buying ad spaces on the printed newspaper pages.

I may add that with all the coverage newspapers give professional sports, they lack in reciprocal support.

Whether we like it or not, the good old days are now.

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