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The Hitler Comparison; The ‘Dump Trump’ RINOs

Thoughts on a Trump Presidency

 By Ken Kellar

 Some have been comparing Donald Trump’s rise in the political arena to that of Adolph Hitler’s.

Some were inspired by an event in which Trump asked the crowd to raise their right hand and swear they would vote for him. A little whiff of Hitler there I must admit. That is unless you see the next ten seconds of the event where Trump tells the crowd he is just kidding and they should vote for whoever they want but he hoped it would be for him.

Others sound the “Hitler” alarm for another reason.… Read More


Political Balance and the March to Socialism?

 By Patricia A. Kelly

It may be over. Yes, we’ll continue to have primaries, but it will be a surprise if Ted Cruz, John Kasich or Bernie Sanders wins their party’s presidential nomination.

A brokered convention remains a faint Republican hope, among those who dislike Mr. Trump. If it does happen, it could well backfire and even destroy the Republican Party.

In case you’re wondering, destroying the Republican Party would be a bad thing because it would throw off the political balance of leadership in our country and possibly speed the march to socialism, which is now underway.… Read More


Anglican Leader ‘Considers ‘The Candidate’

By David W. Virtue DD
Special to The Covert Letter

It is often said that evangelicals in America are theologically 3000 miles wide and two inches deep.

Many are asking, has this now slipped to one inch?

The rise of a man who defies Christian doctrine and Biblical teaching at multiple levels, is something we have not seen since Ronald Reagan, a divorced and remarried man, stepped into the White House, also with the approval of America’s evangelicals, who ditched an evangelical president, in the person of Jimmy Carter.

SO how has it come about that a thrice married man who says he does not need the forgiveness of God, tells lies about his real wealth, (is it $10 billion or really $4.5… Read More


South Carolina Councilman Calls white Clergy

Moral Cowards for Preaching Love of Jesus

By Ladson F. Mills III

Special to The Covert Letter                                                                                                                    


MARTIN LUTHER KING WAS A MAN DEDICATED to the Christian faith and this Christian faith shaped his political philosophy. It is unfortunate that fifty years later a politician and self-proclaimed Dr. King expert would attempt to re-shape Christianity to fit his personal political philosophy.

Charleston, South Carolina clergy awoke last week to chastisement from Charleston County Councilman Henry Darby in an op-ed piece published by Charleston Post and Courier “Why MLK would agree with Black Lives Matter.” … Read More