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Vital Questions Stimulated by This Year’s Events

By Bruce Atkinson PhD 

Aren’t we all are looking for happiness for the holidays?   But what does that happiness mean?   And what should be our limits to “liberty and the pursuit of happiness”?

First, it bothers me that we have forgotten the real meaning of “holiday”—which was originally spelled “Holy Day.”   We have allowed Christ to be taken out of Christmas and we have allowed Christmas to be taken out of the season.   Our fleshly pleasures have become the definition of happiness.   We have forgotten the deep joys of knowing Christ and knowing God’s plan to redeem humanity. … Read More


Christmas in a Heartfelt, Invisible Way

By K. Brewster Hastings

Grief is a strange state of being as one approaches Christmas.

This is my first major holiday since my mother died in June. My father died in 1996 so I am now without parents. A friend tells me, “Now, you’re an orphan in the world.” Also, a few weeks ago, my oldest brother Clark died alone at age 65, in a remote town of the Dominican Republic.

Now, I am assured my father, my mother, my brother died in the peace and mercy of the Lord. So, I have no “salvation anxiety.”… Read More


Political Correctness is tyranny with manners.

Charleton Heston

By Ladson F. Mills III

If stupidity was a capital offense the world would be much smaller. There was a time when those made by the young, were regarded as opportunities for teaching and growth. But no more with the rise of Political Correctness.

Just ask South Carolina State Representative Wendell Gilliard. He revealed two things in a newspaper interview several years ago. First, he carefully picks and chooses his battles and secondly he ultimately is looking to advance his political career. It appears that he has found his battle even if the lives of eight young students are ruined in the process.… Read More