Mr. Biden’s Day in the Rose Garden

By Harry M. Covert

It was rather interesting. The upbeat 47th vice president was in the Rose Garden one day last week. He truly looked relieved. He was declining the opportunity to run for President.

Vice President Joe Biden Available for No 48?

Vice President Joe Biden
Available for No 48?

           It was at this moment he probably became a statesman, a man without portfolio in some 17 months to

Hillary Rodham Clinton       The Coming 44th?

Hillary Rodham Clinton
The Coming 45th?


            The Honorable Joe Biden spouted the niceties for not jumping into his political party’s presidential race.

       Admittedly, Mr. Biden is one of the more popular No. 2s in the nation’s history. He’s been down the political road but circumstances have prevented him from the coming Democrat nomination process. If he could have or would have overtaken the front runner the presidential race would have been more exciting than the coming World Series, Super Bowl or any other competition.


Without argument those on the other side of the political spectrum are in disarray, on the verge of imploding. The reason is easy; they’ve been slow understanding sensitivities of voters. The alleged wizards and smart people have been asleep at the wheel, most especially in recent years. They haven’t figured out Americans on every level are angry, fed up and want some kind of change in government.

            The talkers are also bamboozled that outsiders, if they are outsiders, like Mr. Trump and Dr. Carson. It is astonishing. Why are the mogul and neurosurgeon so aware of what average people are thinking and the political operators are deaf, insomniacs or nearly senile?


Naturally detractors enjoy attempts to impugn the campaigns of the newcomers. They like to say their success won’t last and soon after the new year arrives, they’ll sink like punctured balloons or stones.

Donald Trump Daring Voice of Leadership?

Donald Trump
Daring Voice of America?

            The 2016 competition is going to be something never seen before on the national scene. The big money scrap

Dr.Ben Carson The Grand Healer?

Dr.Ben Carson
The Grand Healer?

will trickle down to state and local levels where vitriol is the order of the time. Irascibility, hate, schnorers and other sorts of honeyfugglers are no longer for apprentices, rookies and others interested in the nation’s future.

            Few want to admit it but the good old USA is, as some have written and said, headed to “Hell in a Handbasket.” Consider the shifts in all phases of society?

            Personally Mr. Biden is no doubt a nice guy. He has set an example for faithfulness to his president like no other Veep, a title initiated by Harry S. Truman’s Alben Barkley, the 35th.


In all probability, the nation is headed to its first female president unless a celestial intervention results. If the would-be Madam President really wants to assure her place at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, she and her compadres should ask the current Vice President to join her ticket as would-be 48th Vice President?

            This is not a witticism. It has never happened before. The question here is simply: why can’t a sitting vice president- who is also president of the U.S. Senate, succeed himself at the Naval Observatory on Massachusetts Avenue in the District of Columbia?

            Consider, too, he will have all the perks and be everybody’s statesman. Keep his mouth shut, keep the First Man somewhat under control and enjoy life. A history maker for sure.

            Other perspective here: If, if and if Mr. Trump and Dr. Carson succeed on a one-two ticket, shock the world by pulling off the unexpected, take over what’s left of the Grand Old Party and shake up the world maybe perdition will remain afar.

            It is worth chuckling and thinking about the fun battle royale en route for the conscience of all that’s Holy and the Judeo-Christian nation. What are the betting odds? A race between a Hillary/Joe ticket versus The Donald and The Great Physician?

            Even Palm Readers, mediums in Séances and bookies can have their happy days, morning, noon or night come hell or high-water.◄◄◄◄◄


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