Is Any Coronation Talk Off?

 By Harry M. Covert 

That Donald Trump! That Bernie Sanders! That political landscape! There’s no escaping facts that the chattering classes, partisan politicos and money givers are in awe, unknowing as to how to deal with the current state of affairs. 

Mr. Trump

Mr. Trump

All of the presidential watchers simply are ignorant of how the money mogul and the “independent” socialist have grabbed public attention. Traditionalists, so-called progressives, purported middle of the roaders and right wingers have been caught with jaws japing. 

Let’s face it. Most people thinking about the 2016 presidential competition assumed the event was really over and done with, that H. Rodham Clinton, would take the mantle because it is the “right thing to do” to coronate her. And, to bring her consort. Coronation is quite a word but in the U. S. there will be consequences. 

Purists from the other side, despite the crowded candidate field, just knew “a bird in the hand” could be worth a third Bush (pun intended.) 


One thing is sure. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have injected new enthusiasm, new angst and fear into the would-be presidents. It is exciting no matter the upheaval for the critics. 

Effects from the Trump firebrand filter to every city and town in the nation. Trump to the dismay of many has struck the cord in the vast majority of citizens and voters. He has upset apple carts and all the illegal intruders

Mr. Sanders

Mr. Sanders

know they could “have hell to pay” for escaping from South of the Border.         

Why has Mr. Trump gained so much attention? Well, he has interesting hair, nice ties and fearless persona to, oops, to tell the truth even though detractors like to decry his unscripted verbosity. 

Why has Mr. Sanders drawn so many people? This New England socialist was practically laughed at when he announced for the Democratic nomination against “my friend” Mrs. C. Sure he’s become a summer “nor’easter.” And, he’s forcing the rags to riches candidate to spend more and more, not from her new found wealth but from supporters’ treasuries. 


There has been no lack of Trump haters. He touched the nerve. The vast weaknesses of borders, the criminals and “rapists and murderers” invading the country, his thoughts of poor leadership in all areas. The critics say he won’t last. That he’s not in the race to stay, that he’s this and that. Because he is so powerful in his comments regarding illegals, crime and sanctuary cities some businesses have stopped working with Trump enterprises. Who are the losers here? 

Current events emphasize that Mr. Trump is not off the wall. The notorious drug lord El Chapo, wanted in numerous US federal courts, has escaped from a Mexico City prison. He’s a bad boy. He’s so mean US law enforcement is chasing him. If US Marshals find him he’ll be safe and secure. Chances he’s nabbed quickly aren’t good, according to police officials. 

And how about the sanctuary city San Francisco. The young woman shot and killed by an illegal felon. The San Francisco sheriff released him, refusing to honor an ICE detainer. The marshals should arrest the sheriff, the mayor and the rest of the elected leaders. 

Say what you will but Trump is on a roll and has changed the scope of the issues. Sure it is more exciting listening or watching a Trump diatribe than the bland, same old boring stuff on the campaign trail.


No official of any standing is going to admit Trump is right, almost right or close to being correct. But, Trump knows exactly what he’s doing and knows precisely what leadership is all about. He has bolstered law enforcement in the meantime.  

Few people, if any, expected the presidential campaign to take such an astonishing change on who says what. Days of candidates being born in log cabins are long gone. Now it is about candidates born with silver spoons in their mouths, money bags overflowing, the ability to pick the pockets of citizens and cash in on confederates of the left coast, Wall Street and cable television news shows. 

A southern politician attempting a populist campaign once said of the two mainstream political parties, there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between them. Perhaps not pleasant to say it but he was/is correct. He took a bullet for it. 

Some wags have suggested that Trump versus Sanders in November 2016 would certainly change the course of the USofA. And, scare the living daylights out of people not only in the 50 states but the rest of the world. 

Other know-it-alls are certain no such campaign will arise. But will be Clinton Clinton versus Bush Bush and Bush. Won’t that be nice?◄◄◄◄◄