By Harry M. Covert

It is a frightening thing when leaders are in the wrong arena, they don’t understand the enemies and the big worry this particular moment is emails.

Speaker John Boehner

Speaker John Boehner

Quite frankly for the first time in my life seeing a rudderless nation brings concern as to any future for anyone us.

The ship of state is foundering. Expectation for a better day is waning right before our eyes.

Gloom and doom is not a joke for anyone, local, state and national.

The international conflagration under way is at the point where leaders don’t want to believe it. Let me point out that the rest of the world does not live with lifestyles and thinking as the good old USA.


I watched with open eyes and ears the oration of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the importance of his remarks before the U.S. Congress. Yes, he was invited by the House Speaker. In the absence of the current Vice President and President of the Senate, Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah gallantly and respectfully filled in as the

Prime Minister Netanyahu

Prime Minister Netanyahu

President Pro Tempore. He is the most senior member of the majority party.

Who knows better than Israel the dangers from their enemies of Iran and Arab states. This is no time to ignore the perils of the Jewish state. Is there a need for an up-to-date history lesson?

It is indeed fearful of the inroads made and threatened by the Islamic terrorists. Some trials are under way for such horrors.

Now why would journalists and commentators spend time discussing the national issue, the creeping horror we see all over the world? The answer is simple, the day is coming when local society as we know it is going to be turned upside down and everybody of any traditional sense will just give up.

I dislike having to bring this up here but, Speaker John Boehner presented Mr. Netanyahu with a bust of, who else, Sir Winston Churchill, the man who stood to fight the enemy, and won.


Have Americans lost their senses? When everyone wanted to appease Herr Hitler, and there were a lot of Americans who did, Churchill aroused his nation, against all odds. Otherwise, my dear friends, our English could well be a second language.

I hold the presidency of the United States as a sacred spot. Those holding the office give grave unease.

Watching those wounded warriors who sacrificed loss of lives and limbs in Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years angers this bureau. The thousands of men and women who suffer continually give more reason to pay attention who’s leading the way. Why?

Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill

The current crop of White House officials are out of their league. The current crop of the Congress is baffling.

The nation is without a doubt split smack down the middle. If something isn’t done in the hearts and minds the land of the free is going to be weakened, sad and without any bite. A bleak future is a reasonable thought.

Looking at the list of supposed candidates for the presidency is scary no matter how you see it. I have now come to believe the Grand Old Party has given up, and willing to give away any chance in the world of defeating Hillary Clinton or any other Democratic sycophant. This may not be popular but the facts are there. Do you really give a hoot in hell about her emails? No one seems to mind the funds amassed by her foundation and where they came from. I care about a safe and free nation.


So the Republicans gain control of the House and Senate and are operating like stumblebums. I don’t blame the Clintons one iota for running down the yellow brick road.

Yes it is a good thing for less government and some of the conservative ideas. But it is mighty chilling watching the likes of the blabbers at the conservative orgies recently in National Harbor. The only good thing is the money was spent in a Maryland enclave.

I would prefer to talk and laugh about the great things of America’s history. I don’t want to see another battle of the states. At the rate we’re going though this may be an indication that Mr. Lee surrendered too soon.◄◄◄◄◄