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 When All is Said and Done . . .

Where are all the real leaders? That’s the Question for 2016

By Harry M. Covert

The would-be’s are flailing all over the place. They and their ghost writers are hustling books, going to places like Iowa in the dead of winter trying to organize electable opinions and lining up begging apparatus in high gear for the highest office in the land.

Yes, while good citizens around the 50-states attempt to deal with all the issues in their hometowns and around the world, candidates of all sorts are doing their best to become the best.… Read More


Evil Keeps Keeping On

By Harry M. Covert

There are many who easily accept the current state of world affairs. The attitude of far too many is that troubles in the Middle East are no longer American concerns.

For example, gas prices have fallen and the United States can provide its own oil. So let the growing cancer of Islamic terrorism continue to grow. The latest of course is this week’s complete take over in Yemen. They actually disarmed American marines escorting state department workers to a fast getaway on navy ships.

The astonishment still grates me that Frederick, the state of Maryland and the rest of the USA in their hearts want to be kind and nice and risk democracy as is known hereabouts.Read More

Yes, A Finger in the Eye, Plus: Football’s Afflatus


By Harry M. Covert

The business of protocol is important. Call it what you will, but good manners, dignity and courtesy are always best. Times most often call for posterior osculations around the world and with locals of various cultures and politics.

First Lady Michelle Obama has had her share of criticisms, probably more than most. Most recently she has been reproached for not wearing a head covering when meeting the new royals in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. I am in her corner on this issue. It took lots of mettle and chutzpah for her not to risk spoiling her hairdo.

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