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Focus on the Facts, Please

By Harry M. Covert

 Imagine for a moment if sheriff’s deputies, police officers, state police and fire officials were removed from the streets for a day or so in wherever you live.. Visualize the pandemonium, danger on the streets and highways, the illegal guns that would surface, home invasions and carjackings.

There are lots of people who dare make light and criticize city and county officers for simply doing their sworn duty. On their own and in general people don’t do right. They do try to skirt the law in the simplest of ways, speeding on the streets and roadways and then become downright nasty if stopped and ticketed.… Read More



By Harry M. Covert

No matter how ruthless local political fights may be, they are nothing in league with the genocide from radical Muslims in Iraq. Merely look at the television pictures from the mountainous Sinjar area.

Even the harshest partisans will be moved by the desperation of the Chaldean Christians and Yazidis running from the murderers called Islamic terrorists, ISIS or ISOL. When video news casts showed the words, “Convert or die” it was heartbreaking.

Despite all of the religious disagreements in the United States, no pulpiteers of any sort have ever resorted to such lyrics.… Read More

A Lifesaving Experience

When Medical Care Hits the Mark

By George Wenschhof


OBSERVING WHAT IS BEST DESCRIBED as a world beset with violence and upheaval ranging from a flare up of the Israel-Hamas ongoing struggle in Gaza, President Obama authorizing U.S. airstrikes in Iraq, a rekindling of the cold war with Russia with the Ukraine conflict, and the continuation of a do nothing Congress, I placed my political commentary on hold.

Instead of focusing on the outcome of the midterm elections and whether Republicans or Democrats will hold a majority in the House and Senate, my focus has been on what comes next in a life threatening experience.… Read More

Time for Some Anger

 Is America on Alert, YET?

By Harry M. Covert

The wonder of it all these days is when, really when, are Americans going to get mad as hell and not take it anymore?

Admonitions abound that a soft answer turns away wrath, to whom much is given much is required, turn the other cheek and the sweet list continues.

Another question here is do these cautions count one whit in other societies?  The answer is a resounding apparently no with a capital letter. Anyone of any age who is paying the slightest attention to current events, knows full well a large portion of the world is determined to destroy the American way of life.

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Bookies over Pollsters


By Harry M. Covert

The thing about polls, the political kind, is simply they allow political connoisseurs to become “experts” and, quite obviously, legends in their own minds.

Mostly professional predictions are guess work at best but they do make for fun conversations.

       Instead of driving ourselves mad by wishful thinking and hoping, the best predictions come from talking to the bookies. Campaigns spend quite a lot of donor money on pollsters to cover aspirations.

Take a gander at the wizards in the gambling meccas. What do we see? Usually the best pickers and choosers.… Read More