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Friends in High Places

By Harry M. Covert

Every so often intelligent informed recipients of writers, commentators and word merchants of all stripes are entitled to knowing if the latter can honestly be considered worthy of their educated speculations, sentiments and assumptions.

Why not? It is perfectly plausible for consumers of these lines to wonder if they are being taken for a ride in the ideas department. Consider those in the editorial and scribbling trade. Opinions are like noses, everybody has one.

Those of us who have been in the newspaper dodge for years can fall back on days of experience. Just recall the days of fun and games and the people and events of those gaudy periods of wonderful memory.

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Uncertain Futures for Ex-Offenders

By Harry M Covert

Consider the plight of men and women released from Virginia prisons. They have satisfied their so-called debt to society.

A vast majority of them are without family, without friends, without any money and no chance for jobs.

Recently, a man finished 30 years of incarceration. A bus ticket took him to Arlington in late afternoon. Stepping off the vehicle, he was astounded by what he saw. Three decades of imprisonment left him in awe, panic and genuine fear.

Another case points to Mary Ulrich, a native born Virginian, now in her mid-40s, whose jail life began at age 12 when an uncle introduced her to drugs.

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Lessons for Holy Week

By Harry M. Covert

Since my earliest days on this planet the oft-used word “luck” has always been considered a blessing from the Divine. Nothing has changed that since those formative times. If anything the celestial consents seem more obvious.

During these days leading up to Easter Sunday, described as Holy Week, they are perfect to recall and celebrate the triumphal ride of Jesus into Jerusalem. Tradition, beliefs and dogma say the event occurred some two thousand years ago.

Admittedly this time of year brings about many fresh and pleasant days, new fashions and all sorts of smiles and joy. It is the happiness of candies, colored eggs, candy-filled baskets and terrific lunches and dinners.… Read More

Murder Cases Get Cold, Colder

Local News Blackout Possible

By Harry M. Covert

There’s no time like the present. Those hoping for quick solutions to the recent Alexandria murders now will just have to wait. For how long? Not even police investigators can provide any progress reports or answers, at least not this week or in the foreseeable future.

What may seem to be a police blackout is not that at all.

All the excitement that a possible “person of interest,” not officially a police portrayal, or a real “suspect,” the preferred description, appears to have vanished into thin air.

Remember reports that a former independent mayoral candidate, Charles R.… Read More