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Juggling, Meat Grinder and Labor Day

Covert Matters Digest 50¢ an Hour, All’s Happy

When Supermarkets Were on the Corner 

 By Harry M. Covert

Labor Day is a perfect time to revisit the first day of the first job. The experience sticks with most people no matter the passage of time.

A neighborhood grocery store sticks out because the customers phoned in orders, they were charged, bills were cleared up usually on Friday paydays and orders were delivered by bicycle, if within a few blocks and by panel truck otherwise.

Supermarkets were few. Family-owned stores were simply neighborly, usually stopping-in points. Children could slip by for chewing gum or small candy after school. 

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An Afternoon with Martin 50 Years Ago

Covert Matters Digest : BEFORE THE‘DREAM’, NO FRONT PAGE
By Harry M. Covert
It’s a warm June afternoon in 1962. At about 4 o’clock I was in the vestibule of the Hampton Institute chapel. A light breeze flowed through the windows raised about 12 inches.
Martin, as he was called by his colleagues that day, was waiting to speak to the annual Hampton Institute Ministers Conference. About a 100 clergymen from across Virginia, dressed in dignified dark suits, chatted as they listened to the organ music of the Institute’s music director, an internationally acclaimed musician.
I took advantage of the interlude and introduced myself to Martin as a reporter from the Newport News, Va.,
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‘Pot Parties’ for Politicos

Covert Matters Digest: A Call to end Prohibition …Again

 Softening Up Friends, Neighbors and Lawmakers

By Harry M. Covert

s the next big social upheaval and battle ground slinking its way into the Free State and the Commonwealth? How soon will the money-raising events for politicos at all ranks simply become “pot parties?” Or, smoking for the poor and needy?
This is not meant as a cheap witticism or joke on the populations of Frederick and throughout the state from the Eastern Shore to the beautiful countrysides in Alleghany County near the “wild and wonderful” borders of West Virginia.
News caught me off guard that Rob Krupicka, a Virginia progressive, was recently strategizing about making pot, the funny stuff, legal in the Commonwealth.
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Has Baseball Forgotten It’s Past?

Covert Matters Digest Another Look at The Game

Remember Miss Martin and Lou Gehrig

By Harry M. Covert
The crisis infecting professional baseball with performance enhancing drugs really and truly affects all sports fans and citizens in general. It shows how the chase for money, accolades and success continues to permeate the current state of affairs even more than politics.
As a baseball fan from long ago until today, I’m dismayed at the goings on as The Game has had to suspend a bunch of self-centered rich players. There are others who are just as responsible for the state of the game.
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Shari’a: Major Threat to U.S. Society

Covert Matters Digest A Brotherhood Culture

Breeding Terrorists Worldwide is Alarming

By Harry M. Covert

Those who dare call attention to or to comment about the increasing Muslim influence throughout the 50 states must take great precaution in their words. 

While the citizenry is lulled with the matters of immigration and the continual invasion from south of the border by those called undocumented, the other major concern are those of Arabic cultures. Don’t be misled. Many of these “newcomers” favor the Muslim religion’s demands for Shari’a law.

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