Redskins ‘Invade’ Richmond

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 100,000 Fans Plan for Training Adventure

By Rick Snider
Special to The Covert Letter
Rick Snider
Redskins Author
The Richmond Experience is about to begin.

Washingtonians are heading to Richmond today (July 25)

The Quarterback

in record numbers. Some 100,000 are expected for training camp with 60,000 coming from Washington.

Hello economic development.

Actually, the Redskins are working out in Richmond for three weeks annually over the next eight years as a political payback for giving the Redskins millions of dollars to remain in Ashburn by sprucing up the daily facility. That the Redskins had nowhere to go in D.C. and Maryland showed owner Dan Snyder bluffed politicians into anteing up, but at least Richmond lawmakers have something to show taxpayers for their money. Then again, this is merely transferring money spent elsewhere in the state so there’s a negligible gain.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful new facility south of downtown with plenty of parking and restaurants nearby. That’s a big upgrade for fans from the days in Ashburn and Frostburg. Carlisle offered amenities for fans, but the team has only spent two summers since 1994 there. Time to move on.

The bad news is Richmond is even hotter than Washington. Please drink water.

So what can you expect to see? Walkthroughs at 10 a.m. are a bore. Honestly, skip them unless you’re just coming for autographs. Walkthroughs are just what they say, mental work on the field. No hitting, not passing. Just an hour or so of walking through plays.

The 3:20 p.m. workouts are a little more legit. You’ll see hitting, passing, punting and more. But, it’s not a game or even a scrimmage. Its two hours of controlled situations. Oh you’ll see a nice play here and there and can get a first impression of new players, but it’s not a game.

What about Robert Griffin III? Uh, we’re not sure yet. Most likely, Griffin will see the practice field in a limited way for much of camp, but forget risking him in preseason games. That would be lunacy. He can get enough reps to sharpen his timing in practice. At some point, RG3 will thrill the crowd with every throw.

Have fun. •

Rick Snider is a columnist for the Washington Express. He first covered the Redskins in 1983 and spent 20 seasons as a regular covering the team. His forthcoming book “100 Things Every Redskins Fan Should Know – and Do – Before They Die” will be released by Triumph Books in Fall 2014. Read more on Twitter at @Snider_Remarks.