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Welcome Mat for Mr. Snowden

Covert Matters Digest: Secrets, Thumb Drives & Spying

 From Keyboards to Sporks?

By Harry M. Covert

Aw shucks. Just when it looked like Alexandria, Virginia would be “home” to another spy he’s slipped through the grasp of authorities. Sadly, it’s the story of a Maryland boy.

The late night bulletin hit all news media. A federal espionage warrant for Edward Snowden had been issued. It came under the direction of the federal court in Alexandria. Heavy duty business.

It was quite certain, many thought, that U.S. Marshals would be at the ready, allowed to do their job and swiftly nab him.… Read More

A Vitriolic Political Campaign Underway

Covert Matters Digest : Outspoken Virginia Bishop’s Rocky Road

By Harry M. Covert

hat can be better than putting the kibosh on a man of the cloth, especially if that clergyman is an aficionado of the old time religion? That’s happening and devotees of separation of church and state have broadened its meaning. Making progress? Indeed.

It is startling that the increased drive out there is attempting to remove traditional Christianity and those who are followers from the list of religions and American life. The stoutest of hearts are finding it difficult to withstand the constant barrage.

Spouting such words as bigots, out-of-touch, extremists and dangerous, anti-Christian sentiment has been gaining momentum  with help of political adversaries, supposedly objective word merchants and those who simply love to smear people, no matter whom.… Read More

Will Bill Bolling Get His Chance?

Covert Matters Digest : Will Bill Bolling Get His Chance?

So ‘Un-Virginia Like’

Feds Looking at Virginia’s Governor’s Mansion

By Harry M. Covert

t may be too early for some to think a Virginia governor may have to resign before his term is completed. It could happen.

The Commonwealth has never had a governor forced to leave for misconduct.

Bob McDonnell, the 71st chief executive, may be a good leader on northern Virginia transportation programs, but it seems as if he has a problem handling domestic help and/or handling responsible financial matters at home, in this case, the Executive Mansion.

Political watchers have been following alleged antics of the gubernatorial kitchen.… Read More

Covert Matters Digest

 The Art of Grilling

Good Old Grits, Pancakes & Politics

By Harry M. Covert

This has been an interesting week in Frederick, Maryland. The grass had been cut.  It was time to nap. A relaxing afternoon?  Not quite. Just as eyelids closed neighbors burst into the house and in loud voices, “somebody has smashed the car window.”

Dreams of the pleasant grilling of some magnificent shrimp with some t-bone steaks were suddenly spoiled. The rear passenger door window was smashed with glass bits all over the front yard and in the street.

The culprit or brats were nowhere to be seen up and down the street.… Read More

Covert Matters Digest

The Business of Frederick is Business

By Harry M. Covert

Few cities or towns remain quaint and cuddly. The Golden Mile running down Frederick’s West Patrick Street, AKA route 40, is a fine example of good food, good gas and generally good shopping.

As was coined some years ago, the business of Frederick is business. Oops. That’s a variation of what a fellow called Silent Cal said some years back. He wasn’t wrong then nor is the saying out of step today.

Driving up and down West Patrick Street is a pleasant experience even as roadway traffic picks up in both directions.… Read More