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Covert Matters Digest

 The National ‘Pastor’ on the Job

By Harry M. Covert

I want to be sensitive here. The President’s remarks at the Boston Bombing memorial service were soothing, important, tender and touching.

When he said the federal resources were immediately available for law enforcement it was something for Americans to be proud. They proved to be fantastic. He handled the national grief as if he were the national pastor.

How thrilling it was to see the cooperation of all the police agencies in tracking down the culprits. The full resources of the feds and all organizations did the job. This effort should be an attention-getter to criminals, neer–do-wells, terrorists and those who would attempt to destroy the American society everywhere.

Police can’t arrest people for what they think may happen but can track ‘em quickly. Thankfully, the hogwash of the sequestration doesn’t impede modern technology battling the criminal element. The idea of unmanned drones, the tracking of communications by secret agencies doesn’t bother me one iota. The U.S. Marshals Service is experts at tracking and capturing criminals.

Not one police officer or sheriff should lose a life or be injured because of an unfit person, citizen or not. It’s time for every citizen of strong mind and good will to carry side arms either on their hips, ankles or in pocketbooks.

Lots of commentators like to gab about the gun culture. I doubt if they have checked out the killings and shootings at random and on purpose in major cities like the District of Columbia, Baltimore, New York City and Detroit. Most all of these bullets were fired from illegal guns and had nothing to do with gun shows, gun purchases and nice people.

The so-called experts should check out the genders of gun-carriers these days. Lots of mothers, single women, young and middle-aged have applied for and received concealed carry permits. And they can shoot straight, hitting the targets, scoring high marks.

Like other caring Americans, deadly shootings in Connecticut, Colorado, Texas and the District of Columbia are totally distressing. Certainly mental illness played major roles in some of these horrible incidents. But, honest and decent citizens should not be held hostage in owning firearms, whether handguns, revolvers or automatics, rifles and other forms.

I honestly don’t want or need an AK-47 assault weapon or a machine gun. I don’t understand why anyone needs them. Hunters don’t use them and shouldn’t.

In California a child was stabbed numerous times and killed.  Knives are big sellers at gun shows and elsewhere. There’s no move to ban them.

Law enforcement teaches that people accosted in robberies should acquiesce to all demands – give up the money quickly. For their safety. Yes that is a good thing. But perhaps clerks and tellers should have special shooting training.

Recent smash and grab jewelry store robberies have become a popular process. One Frederick, Md. robber has been caught by the Marshals. Another recent heist in Chevy Chase, Md., is being tracked.

These are not mental cases but criminal actions. Police didn’t know these crimes were going to happen but did have the ability to capture the deadbeats and will, no doubt, nab the others.

I hope the day comes when robbers head into another jewelry store or convenience store and get the shock of their lives when a clerk who knows how to shoot and stops the miscreants with a .9mm stream. My preference is a five-shot Smith & Wesson chief’s special. Works every time.

Oh Happy Day!

In my sensitivity, I do take exception to the President’s words that “Massachusetts invented America.” That’s another column.

This column has appeared in The Tentacle.