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Numbers in the News from 37 and 45

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Getting Back to the Facts


By Harry M. Covert

Just like the boon to reporters from the Milhous Mess of the 37th president, amnesia emanating from

the Current Occupant, re-ignites the Fourth Estate. Seems like a good thing too, returning the gabblers and scribblers to their real job.

This genuine task for them is to get back into the business of newsgathering, not woolgathering, and not just taking down handouts so easily distributed by the high-priced flaks.

It is easy for some to accept willy-nilly the government talking points thereby saying as gospel truth just what the ins want the outs to believe.… Read More

Bugging Reporters, Threats from FBI, IRS

Covert Matters Digest

 Despicable Phone Taps on Journalists or Anyone


By Harry M. Covert

Miss Marple, one of the best fictional detectives, says “tell the truth and shame the devil.” She is also known to remark that “Americans have a lot to answer for,” even if meant tongue in cheek.

Both of these aphorisms are surely appropriate today from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, 100 State Circle, Annapolis, and 1000 Bank Street, Richmond.

There continues to be a lot of waffling from The White House where the venerable Associated Press has admittedly been targeted for phone taps. The AP’ reporters, as well as others, are a bit fearful and wary of the Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service.… Read More

Unruly Dinners with the Colonists

Covert Matters Digest

A New Look at English ‘Intruders’

Mr. Jefferson: Master of Monticello


By Harry M. Covert

An era has arrived in a major assault on the history of the continental United States. Seems like the progressives’ time is bound and determined to disparage, decry and devoid the colonials.

The latest refers to Jamestown. That’s still in Virginia.

Apparently some recent assessors have discovered that the colonists there did not exhibit any moral tendencies. They were heathens of the first chop.

When food ran short back in 1609, they apparently became cannibals — Caucasian diners that is. To survive.… Read More

The Astonishing Motor 8

 Covert Matters

Accused Laboy Shooter Alone, Awaits Grand Jury

By Harry M. Covert

In less than two weeks, May 20 to be exact, the final segment in the brutal and senseless shooting of an Alexandria police officer gets under way in the city’s Franklin P. Backus Courthouse.

Officer Peter Laboy was shot in the head on routine daytime duty, suffering a catastrophic brain injury, on Feb. 27. This story has resonated around the Commonwealth and throughout the nation and generated thousands of prayers on his behalf.

The word “miraculous” has been the description of doctors, nurses, well-wishers and print and broadcast media for his recovery.… Read More

Packin’ for Individual Safety

Covert Matters Digest

 The National ‘Pastor’ on the Job

By Harry M. Covert

I want to be sensitive here. The President’s remarks at the Boston Bombing memorial service were soothing, important, tender and touching.

When he said the federal resources were immediately available for law enforcement it was something for Americans to be proud. They proved to be fantastic. He handled the national grief as if he were the national pastor.

How thrilling it was to see the cooperation of all the police agencies in tracking down the culprits. The full resources of the feds and all organizations did the job.… Read More